The Question:

I was wondering if you know any famous people who were born in Berlin, Germany?

The Answer:

Well, we don't know these people personally, but we have a feeling you were just looking for some names.

In that case, here is a list of five famous people born in Berlin, Germany, along with their professions, birthdates and contributions to the worlds of entertainment and learning.

Marlene Dietrich, actress, 1901 (movies: The Blue Angel, Shanghai Express) Elke Sommer, actress, 1942 (movies: Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number; A Shot in the Dark) Herbert Marcuse, philosopher, 1898 (books: One Dimensional Man; Reason and Revolution) Ernst Lubitsch, film director, 1892 (movies: The Oyster Princess; Passion) Nastassja Kinski, actress, 1960 (movies: Tess; Paris, Texas)

—The Fact Monster


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