The Question:

My great-grandfather came to America from Ireland about 1810 and settled in Washington County, Penn. By 1830 he was in Guernsey County, Ohio and by 1840 in Licking County, Ohio — all sites along the National Road. I have read that many immigrants from Ireland were brought to this country to work on the road. I would like to know if my grandfather was one of them. Is there a list somewhere of those who worked on the road?

The Answer:

The National Road project, which began in 1815, (sometimes called Cumberland Road) was one of the largest road-building projects in this country's history. When it was completed in 1818 it stretched from Cumberland, Md. to St. Louis and was a key route for western expansion.

U.S. Route 40 offers loads of information about the project. You might try using the e-mail link there to see if they can help.

—The Fact Monster


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