The Question:

I am doing a project for social studies and it is on the queen, Poppaea Sabina. Do you have any information?

The Answer:

Poppaea Sabina was married to two Roman emperors, Marcus Salvius Otho, who ruled from January to April, A.D. 69, and the more famous Nero, who ruled from A.D. 54 to A.D. 68.

Poppaea became Nero's mistress when she was still married to Otho. She divorced Otho and married Nero in A.D. 62. Poppaea had great, but malevolent, influence over Nero, encouraging him to kill his mother, Agrippina II, his former wife, Octavia, and the philosopher Seneca. Nero kicked Poppaea herself to death in A.D. 65 during a fit of rage at one of their drunken parties.

The story of Nero and Poppaea lives on classical culture as the subject of an opera by Claudio Monteverdi, L'incoronazione di Poppea, or The Coronation of Poppaea, written in 1642.

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