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Jeremy Corbyn re-elected as leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as the leader of the Labour Party, after he won almost 62% of the vote in a leadership contest.

Kadeena Cox: On health, inspiration and sporting success

ParalympicsGB's flag-bearer and double Paralympic champion Kadeena Cox is back in the UK, and she has a sore neck from the weight of her Rio medals!

Horses 'can communicate with us' by pointing at symbols

Horses have joined a select club of animals that can communicate by pointing to symbols, say scientists.

Brownlee brothers battle: Who will win this time?

They're the sporty brothers who are used to competing against each other all the time but who is better at baking or giving gifts? They take our quick fire quiz

Young black bear goes on the run in Alaska city

A young black bear was filmed by police in Alaska going on a tour of its largest city, Anchorage.

EGX 2016: What's new at UK's biggest gaming event?

The UK's biggest gaming event - EGX 2016 - has kicked off in Birmingham. BBC reporter Steffan Powell tells us what to look out for...

No you're not seeing things, these sheep are orange but why?

A farmer in Cumbria has made sure his sheep will stand out from the crowd, by dyeing them all orange!

How Jonny and Alistair Brownlee helped each other growing up

British triathlon stars Jonny and Alistair Brownlee remember how they helped each other as brothers when they were growing up.

Spot the difference - Ed Sheer-ham pig hogs the limelight

A statue of a pig that looks like Ed Sheeran has won approval from the man himself. Meet 'Ed Sheer-Ham'...

Adorable family of otters caught playing on camera

It's the first outing with their parents for these otter pups, and their adventures have been caught on camera.

Is this the wackiest inventor ever?

Meet Joseph Herscher - he's from New York and might just be the wackiest inventor ever! Take a look if you don't believe us...

Top baking tips from Ellie Simmonds

The Paralympic gold medallist and champion baker gives Newsround her top baking tips.

Disabled Syrian teenager Nujeen on her new life in Germany

Seventeen-year-old refugee Nujeen talks about her new life in Germany a year on from making the difficult journey from Syria in her wheelchair.

Mary Berry: Seven things you might not know

The Great British Bake Off judge is leaving the hit TV show, as it moves to Channel 4. Here are seven things you might not know about the queen of baking...

Five things to look forward to this autumn

It's official - summer is now over. But don't worry here's a few things you can look forward to this autumn...

Prince William: We must do more on elephant poaching

The Duke of Cambridge calls for more action to stop the global buying and selling of ivory, and save elephants from extinction.

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Sing your way to creating a strong password

Here's our step-by-step guide to how music lyrics can help you stay safe online.

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