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VIDEO: Police called to Black Friday crowds
Police are called to supermarkets across the UK to help control crowds hunting for 'Black Friday' offers.
VIDEO: World's biggest Christmas lights display
Almost 1.2 million Christmas lights are put up in a shopping centre in Australia's capital, Canberra, setting a new world record.
Blue Peter space badge winner chosen
The winner of Blue Peter's space badge competition is revealed.
VIDEO: Ferguson quieter after protests
Newsround explains why people in Ferguson, USA, and other American cities have been protesting.
VIDEO: Christmas elves break world record
Some of Father Christmas' little helpers have been very busy setting a new world record.

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Newsround's new RSS feeds - update your feeds
Newsround's RSS feeds have changed, so you'll need to update your feed reader to keep up to date!
VIDEO: What's the future of virtual pets?
Jenny looks at how much the world of virtual pets has changed and asks whether they can ever be better than having a real pet.
VIDEO: Super survival turtle back in wild
A green sea turtle is back in the wild after surviving being hit by a boat, a crocodile attack, and more than a year in hospital.
Museum fossils are new dino species
A new species of horned dinosaur is identified from fossils held in a Canadian museum for 75 years.

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