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VIDEO: Record-breaking balloonists land in sea
Two pilots in a helium balloon complete their Pacific crossing with a sea-landing off Mexico, setting two new records on a six-day trip.
VIDEO: Nasa launch to study soil moisture
Nasa has launched an Earth-observing satellite, which will measure the amount of moisture in soil.
VIDEO: Sea of clouds at the Grand Canyon
A rare weather phenomenon has caused the Grand Canyon to fill up with clouds.
VIDEO: Helium balloon flight record broken
Two pilots break the world record for the longest distance flown in a helium balloon.
VIDEO: Climber scales frozen Niagara Falls
Ice climber Will Gadd shocks visitors to Niagara Falls by climbing up a frozen section.

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VIDEO: Is this the luckiest cat in the world?
Chloe the cat fell down a chimney and got stuck there for six weeks. But she managed to survive and her owners are calling her a super cat.
Dog in dramatic helicopter rescue
A dog in America has been rescued after falling into an icy lake.
VIDEO: Giant beaked whales show their scars
The Baird's beaked whale - one of the most mysterious marine mammals - forms long-term partnerships that last many years, footage reveals.

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