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Cristiano Ronaldo's statue hat trick.. and four other weird statues

Everyone is talking about the new, slightly odd, statue of Ronaldo. Newsround checks out some other unusual statues to make the headlines

Puffy the dog has her own set of wheels

Puffy was in an accident which hurt her back legs - check out her new way of getting around

Comments: Who's got the smelliest shoes in your house?

Newsround asked you which member of your family would win the prize for stinkiest shoes.

Paralysed man feeds himself with help of new technology

Bill Kochevar can eat and drink again thanks to new technology which reconnects his brain with his muscles.

World's first monster truck flip completed in USA

This is the first time a monster truck driver has completed a front flip in the sport's history.

Yuck! Stinky Sneaker Contest winner revealed in USA

We've all got a pair of really bad-smelling trainers somewhere in the house but are they stinky enough to win a prize? Watch Ricky's stinky report to find out.

Dakota pipeline: What's the story?

There have been protests in America over a big oil pipe called the Dakota pipeline. Some people want it; others are very angry about it. Newsround looks at what's going on.

'Miraculous' discovery of rare tigers in eastern Thailand

Hidden cameras caught incredible images of the critically-endangered Indochinese tigers in eastern Thailand.

Westminster attack: Tributes held for victims one week on

Police joined the public near the Houses of Parliament in London exactly one week on from an attack that killed four victims.

Pictures: The damage caused by Cyclone Debbie in Australia

Check out these powerful pictures of a huge storm, Cyclone Debbie, and its effect on parts of Australia.

Swiss skier completes world-first quad cork 1800 trick

Swiss skier Andri Ragettli has completed the first ever quad cork 1800 trick. Check out this incredible trick!

Brazil become first team to qualify for 2018 World Cup

Brazil become the first side to qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals in Russia following a 3-0 win over Paraguay.

Pictures: The world's best animal photographs

Winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced! Check out some of the stunning photos from the finalists.

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Catch up with all the latest stories on Newsround.

UK officially on its way out of the EU

The UK's Prime Minister Theresa May has triggered Article 50. This will officially start the process for the UK to leave the European Union. Find out what this means and what happens now.

Inside My Head: A Newsround Special

This week, Newsround is talking about mental health problems. In this special programme, 14-year-old Josh explains why it was so important for him to talk about what he was going through.

The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Take a look at some of the strangest stories from the week!


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