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Guide: What are the Oscars?

Each year, the film industries top talent gather to recognise and award the stars who have lit up the silver screen. Here is your guide to the biggest film award ceremonies in show business.

Humpback whale off the Devon coast

A humpback whale has been spotted off the south Devon coast and police are asking people not to get too close.

The Oscars: Which award would you invent?

Ahead of the Oscars you've been telling us which new awards categories you'd invent and what film would get the prize.

Beauty and the Beast stars excited for new film

10-year-old Emily interviews stars of new film Beauty and the Beast, for Newsround. Watch her report.

Young fans' messages for sacked Claudio Ranieri

'Think about the future and the good things that happened in the past'. Young fans' messages to Claudio Ranieri after the news he had been sacked from the club.

Forget 5-a-day, think 10-a-day! New fruit and veg advice

Could you eat 10 different portions of fruit and veg every day? New research by the Imperial College London says you should.

Pictures: Claudio Ranieri's highs and lows

The Leicester City manager has been sacked just nine months after leading the team to Premier League glory. Here are the highs, lows and funny quotes from Claudio Ranieri's career so far.

Hollywood gets ready for the Oscars

BBC reporter Colin Paterson is in Hollywood ahead of the biggest event in the movie calendar - the Oscars.

Emily interviews Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson

10-year-old Emily interviews Emma Watson, star of new film Beauty and the Beast, for Newsround. Watch her report to find out about special bloomers, dancing on stilts and much more!

Brainy bees learn from watching each other

Scientists have trained some brainy bumble bees to play golf. They learned by watching each other play with a ball. Clever stuff!

Brits 2017: Katy Perry's dancer falls off stage

One of Katy Perry's dancers had an unfortunate fall at the Brit Awards on Wednesday evening.

Comments: Is it fair Claudio Ranieri got sacked?

Leicester City's manager, Claudio Ranieri, has been sacked just nine months after leading the football team to Premier League glory. Do you think it was fair?

Scottish kids give us their views on Brexit

Jenny has visited a school in Glasgow to find out what kids there think of the UK leaving the EU.

Fossil of penguin which lived 61 million years ago found

The oldest fossil of a penguin has been found in New Zealand. It is from a giant penguin which was much larger than the largest living penguin species, the Emperor Penguin.

Watch Newsround

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Rugby Union: What is the Six Nations tournament?

Find out all you need to know about the Six Nations before the tournament starts on Saturday, 4 February.

The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Take a look at some of the strangest stories from the week!

What is the Dubs Amendment?

The Dubs Amendment is a scheme launched in the UK to help unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to come to live here safely.

Newly discovered finger-nail sized night frogs

Seven new species of night frogs have been discovered in India and they are so small they fit on a finger nail, check out the pictures.

Fake news: What is it? And how to spot it

Have you ever shared news online or talked about it with your friends? If you have, did you stop to think whether or not it was telling the truth before you shared it?


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