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Village asked to 'rate its pong'
Residents living in a Cambridgeshire village surrounded by a sewage plant and two recycling centres are encouraged to "rate the pong" online.
American aid workers recover from ebola
Two American aid workers who fell ill with ebola have left hospital after recovering.
Rescue effort continues in Hiroshima
Rescuers are still combing through the site of a landslide triggered on Wednesday by torrential rain in part of Japan.
Neanderthals lived alongside humans
Humans and Neanderthals lived alongside each other in Europe ten times longer than previously thought, a new study suggests.
Watch: Protests still taking place in Missouri
Protests in the US state of Missouri are still taking place because people there say police don't treat black people and white people equally.

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Newsround's new RSS feeds - update your feeds
Newsround's RSS feeds have changed, so you'll need to update your feed reader to keep up to date!
Pictures: London Zoo annual animal weigh-in
ZSL London Zoo have carried out their annual weigh-in of more than 16,000 animals that live there.
VIDEO: Gibraltar to deport cheeky monkeys
Some cheeky monkeys are being deported from Gibraltar after causing quite a stir.
Pictures: Red panda cubs get first health check
Rare twin red panda cubs have been born at Chester Zoo in the UK.

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