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VIDEO: Syrian children, life in a war zone
The BBC looks at the impact of the war in Syria on the children living there.
VIDEO: Extreme summer weather conditions
Many people have been affected by the bad weather that has hit parts of the country.
California hit by raging wildfires
Two fast-moving fires in California destroy 10 homes and force the evacuation of hundreds more.
VIDEO: Role of oil in Scottish referendum
With the vote on Scottish independence on September 18 we look at how the oil industry could affect the outcome.
VIDEO: Massive power station towers demolished
Three disused cooling towers at Didcot A Power Station have been demolished using more than 180kg of explosives.

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Newsround's new RSS feeds - update your feeds
Newsround's RSS feeds have changed, so you'll need to update your feed reader to keep up to date!
VIDEO: All aboard the Hong Kong pet bus
A new bus service has been launched in Hong Kong for pet lovers.
Dinosaurs were victims of 'bad luck'
A new study has found that dinosaurs might not have gone extinct if a huge asteroid had hit Earth at a different time.
Super cute rare red panda cubs born
The Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland has had two new arrivals!

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