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VIDEO: Gigantic 'fatberg' discovered in Wales
A gigantic 'fatberg' has been discovered deep down in the drains underneath the Welsh capital, Cardiff.
VIDEO: Heart of Earth's inner core revealed
Scientists say they have discovered more about what lies at the very centre of the Earth.
VIDEO: Why some of you don't feel safe on the Internet
We've been talking about some of the issues you've faced online as part of Safer Internet Day .
VIDEO: Nasa reveals far side of the Moon
Using nearly five-years worth of data, Nasa has to provided a view of the moon from the side the cannot be seen from earth.
VIDEO: Drones serving food in Singapore
Could flying waiter drones be the answer to a shortage of restaurant staff in food-crazy Singapore? One company thinks its the best idea.

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Newsround's new RSS feeds - update your feeds
Newsround's RSS feeds have changed, so you'll need to update your feed reader to keep up to date!
Pictures: A year in the life of rare sheep
Check out these snaps showing a year in the life of a rare breed of sheep living in the Lake District.
VIDEO: Wildlife at risk on Galapagos Islands
The very special and unique animals and plants on the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, could be at risk after a ship with 50,000 litres on fuel on it sank nearby.
Corgi dogs are 'under threat'
The number of Corgi dogs in the UK has decreased putting them on the vulnerable list.

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