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Chat: Do you know your family history?
October is Black History month and many children across the UK are using the opportunity to learn about their own families.
Photobomb added to dictionary
Photobomb, selfie and onesie are just some of the words that have been added to the new print edition of the Collins English dictionary.
Pictures: Sculptures by the sea
The coastline of Sydney in Australia has been transformed for the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.
VIDEO: Visit to space weather centre
Martin has been to visit a new weather centre which monitors storms in space.
Should schools make you brush your teeth?
Some primary schools and nurseries in England should supervise children brushing their teeth, say health organisation NICE.

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Newsround's new RSS feeds - update your feeds
Newsround's RSS feeds have changed, so you'll need to update your feed reader to keep up to date!
VIDEO: Bear filmed wandering around shop
A black bear cub has been filmed wandering the aisles of a shop in the US state of Oregon.
VIDEO: The making of new wildlife programme
A new wildlife programme called Life Story follows the dangerous journeys animals have to make.
Pictures: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards
A picture of lions resting on a rock in Africa has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award.

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