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ed i need answer to puzzle 1. 1001 = AN 2. 88 = PK 3. 200 = D for PG in M   (December 12, 2001)
pooh punk I need help on a book report......I also have a report due on Bethoveen, is there anyway you could help me find some sites for him?.   (December 12, 2001)
Lauren When do you use there or their in a sentence? How and when does one use the apostrophe in the following names Ex. Lauren's or Laurens'   (December 11, 2001)
Ana What are the six sounds of dough, enough,cough?   (December 09, 2001)
Sarah I am writing a critical analsis on the Oedipus Complex but how is a critical analysis paper writen?   (December 09, 2001)
LilShyOne I am writting a 500 word essay on the poem "Happiness" by Priscilla Leonard and I was hoping you would have some tips on how to analyze poems.   (December 09, 2001)
Lauren Please explain when you use the word to or too in a sentence. what is the difference. Thank you   (December 08, 2001)
Luckier Angel can u help with sentences if i ask to look for nouns and verbs? stuff like that   (December 07, 2001)
Madiha Rehman 1) To preserve sound or vision so that it can be seen or heard again. 2) To burn a surface so as to change its colour or taste but without completely destroying it.   (December 07, 2001)
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