Portraits and Designs of U.S. Paper Currency

Currency1 Portrait Design on back
$1 Washington ONE between obverse and reverse of Great Seal of U.S.
$22 Jefferson Monticello
$23 Jefferson “The Signing of the Declaration of Independence”
$54 Lincoln Lincoln Memorial
$104 Hamilton U.S. Treasury Building
$205 Jackson White House
$506 Grant U.S. Capitol
$1007 Franklin Independence Hall
$500 McKinley Ornate FIVE HUNDRED
$1,000 Cleveland Ornate ONE THOUSAND
$5,000 Madison Ornate FIVE THOUSAND
$10,000 Chase Ornate TEN THOUSAND
$100,0008 Wilson Ornate ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND
1. Denominations of $500 and higher were discontinued in 1969.
2. Discontinued in 1966.
3. New issue, April 1976.
4. New issue, May 2000.
5. New issue, fall 2003.
6. New issue, spring 2004.
7. New issue, March 1996.
8. For use only in transactions between Federal Reserve System and Treasury Department.
The EuroMoneyU.S. Coins in Circulation


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