Income and Credit

Find a list of American income and credit statistics below that includes U.S. GDP, total receipts and outlays of the Federal government, oustanding consumer credit, personal income, and more.

  • GDP (2013): $16.72 trillion
  • Fed. Budget (2014): total receipts, $3.02 trillion; total outlays, $3.50 trillion
  • Personal income per capita (2013): $52,800
  • Median household income (2013): $51,939
  • Consumer credit outstanding (July 2014): $3,237.68 billion
  • Number below poverty level (2011): total, 42,739,924; white, 25,659,922; black, 9,472,583; Hispanic, 11,197,648; Asian, 1,663,303

See also Poverty and Income and U.S. Economy and the Federal Budget.

Profile of the United States


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