Track & Field


Event  Time  
 100m Percy Williams, CAN 10.8  
 Jack London, GBR10.9 
 Georg Lammers, GER10.9 
 200m Percy Williams, CAN 21.8  
 Walter Placeeley, GBR21.9 
 Helmut Körnig, GER21.9 
 400m Ray Barbuti, USA 47.8  
 James Ball, CAN48.0 
 Joachim Büchner, GER48.2 
 800m Douglas Lowe, GBR 1:51.8 OR
 Erik Byléhn, SWE1:52.8 
 Hermann Englehard, GER1:53.2 
1500m Harri Larva, FIN 3:53.2 OR
 Jules Ladoumégue, FRA3:53.8 
 Eino Purje, FIN3:56.4 
5000m Ville Ritola, FIN 14:38.0  
 Paavo Nurmi, FIN14:40.0 
 Edvin Wide, SWE14:41.2 
10,000m Paavo Nurmi, FIN 30:18.8 OR
 Ville Ritola, FIN30:19.4 
 Edvin Wide, SWE31:00.8 
Marathon Mohamed El Quafi, FRA 2:32:57.0  
 Miguel Plaza, CHI2:33:23 
 Martti Marttelin, FIN2:35:02 
110m H Syd Atkinson, S. Afr.14.8  
 Stephen Anderson, USA14.8 
 John Collier, USA14.9 
400m H David Burghley, GBR 53.4 OR
 Frank Cuhel, USA53.6 
 F.Morgan Taylor, USA53.6 
Toivo Loukola, FIN 9:21.8 WR
 Paavo Nurmi, FIN9:31.6 
 Ove Andersen, FIN9:35.6 
4x100m USA (Frank Wykoff, Jimmy Quinn,
Charley Borah, Hank Russell)
41.0 WR
 Great Britain41.8 
4x400m USA (George Baird, Bud
Spencer, Fred Alderman,
Ray Barbuti)
3:14.2 WR
Event  Mark  
High Jump Bob King, USA 6-41/2  
 Benjamin Hedges, USA6-31/4 
 Claude Ménard, FRA6-31/4 
Pole Vault Sabin Carr, USA 13-91/4 OR
 William Droegemueller, USA13-51/4 
 Charles McGinnis, USA12-111/2 
Long Jump Ed Hamm, USA 25- 41/2 OR
 Silvio Cator, HAI24-101/4 
 Alfred Bates, USA24-31/4 
Triple Jump Mikio Oda, JPN 49-11  
 Levi Casey, USA49-9 
 Vilho Tuulos, FIN49-63/4 
Shot Put Johnny Kuck, USA 52-03/4 WR
 Herman Brix, USA51-8 
 Emil Hirschfeld, GER51-63/4 
Discus Bud Houser, USA 155- 3 OR
 Antero Kivi, FIN154-11 
 James Corson, USA154-6 
Hammer Pat O'Callaghan, IRE 168- 7  
 Ossian Skiöld, SWE168-3 
 Edmund Black, USA160-10 
Javelin Erik Lundkvist, SWE 218- 6 OR
 Béla Szepes, HUN214-1 
 Olav Sunde, NOR209-101/2 
Decathlon Paavo Yrjölä, FIN 8053 pts WR
 Akilles Järvinen, FIN7931 
 John Kenneth Doherty, USA7706 


Event  Time  
 100m Betty Robinson, USA 12.2 =WR
 Fanny Rosenfeld, CAN12.3 
 Ethel Smith, CAN12.3 
 800m Lina Radke, GER 2:16.8 WR
 Kinue Hitomi, JPN2:17.6 
 Inga Gentzel, SWE2:17.8 
4x100m Canada (Fanny Rosenfeld, Ethel
Smith, Florence Bell,
Myrtle Cook)
48.4 WR
Event  Mark  
High Jump Ethel Catherwood, CAN 5- 21/2  
 Carolina Gisolf, NED5-11/4 
 Mildred Wiley, USA5-11/4 
Discus Halina Konopacka, POL 129-113/4 WR
 Lillian Copeland, USA121-71/2 
 Ruth Svedberg, SWE117-10 

Leading Medal Winners1928 OlympicsSwimming

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