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Event  Time  
 100m Free Wally Ris, USA 57.3 OR
 Alan Ford, USA57.8 
 Géza Kádas, HUN58.1 
 400m Free Bill Smith, USA 4:41.0 OR
 Jimmy McLane, USA4:43.4 
 John Marshall, AUS4:47.7 
1500m Free Jimmy McLane, UScA 19:18.5  
 John Marshall, AUS19:31.3 
 György Mitró, HUN19:43.2 
 100m Back Allen Stack, USA 1:06.4  
 Robert Cowell, USA1:06.5 
 Georges Vallerey, FRA1:07.8 
 200m Brst Joe Verdeur, USA 2:39.3 OR
 Keith Carter, USA2:40.2 
 Robert Sohl, USA2:43.9 
4x200m Free USA (Wally Ris, Jimmy McLane,
Wally Wolf, Bill Smith)
8:46.0 WR
Diving  Points
Platform Sammy Lee, USA 130.05
 Bruce Harlan, USA122.30
 Joaquin Capilla, MEX113.52
Spring Bruce Harlan, USA 163.64
 Miller Anderson, USA157.29
 Sammy Lee, USA145.52


Event  Time  
 100m Free Greta Andersen, DEN 1:06.3  
 Ann Curtis, USA1:06.5 
 Marie-Louise Vaessen, NED1:07.6 
 400m Free Ann Curtis, USA 5:17.8 OR
 Karen M. Harup, DEN5:21.2 
 Catherine Gibson, GBR5:22.5 
 100m Back Karen M. Harup, DEN 1:14.4 OR
 Suzanne Zimmermann, USA1:16.0 
 Judy Davies, AUS1:16.7 
 200m Brst Nel van Vliet, NED2:57.2  
 Beatrice Lyons, AUS2:57.7 
 Evá Novák, HUN3:00.2 
4x100m Free USA (Marie Corridon, Thelma
Kalama, Brenda Helser,
Ann Curtis)
4:29.2 OR
Diving  Points
Platform Vicki Draves, USA 68.87
 Patricia Elsner, USA66.28
 Birte Christofferson, DEN66.04
Spring Vicki Draves, USA 108.74
 Zoe Ann Olsen, USA108.23
 Patricia Elsner, USA101.30

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