Michael Crichton

Born: 10/23/1942
Birthplace: Chicago

Writer best known for his creation of the award-winning TV drama ER (1994–present) and his popular novels, many of which have been made into Hollywood movies, such as Jurassic Park (1993) and Sphere (1998). The son of a journalist, Crichton was an English major at Harvard University, but dropped out to travel in Europe. Later, he was admitted to Havard Medical School but quit to write novels, many of which were inspired by medical topics. During the 1970s, Crichton began working as a writer and director in Hollywood and got his first big break with Westworld (1973). His biggest critical success with ER, which has won numerous Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series (1998). Among Crichton's bestselling novels are The Andromeda Strain (1969), Rising Sun (1993), Disclosure (1994), Airframe (1997), and Timeline (1999). Crichton has been married to actress and writer Anne-Marie Martin since 1987.

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