The World's Favorite Pets

Household pets are common in America, Europe, and Asia.

Australian Aborigines capture dingo (wild dog) puppies and raise them for a time before letting them go.

  • In China and Hong Kong, cats are thought to bring good luck and are kept in shops as well as homes.
  • The Japanese keep birds and crickets as pets.
  • In Arab countries, dogs are considered unclean. Contact with a dog must be followed by a ritual washing.
  • The Italians also have little use for dogs but find cats charming and companionable. Thousands of stray cats live in the Forum, the Colosseum, and other historic landmarks in Rome.
  • The Inuit Eskimo of northern Canada adopt bear cubs, foxes, birds, and baby seals.
  • Animals are rarely kept as pets in Africa.
  • The British are especially fond of pets. Half of all the households in England have a pet, usually a cat or bird.

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