Health and Body

The Human Body

Encyclopedia: Human Body

Your Body: A Peek Inside

Your Body Inside and Out Quiz

Cells, Tissue, Organs

Your Body's Systems

The Five Senses

Q&A about the Body

Body Trivia

The Brain: More Than Just a Thinker

The Tooth

Otherwise Known As

Blood Types

Blood Pressure Explained

The Female Body

Body Shapes

What Kind of Doctor?

Medical Advances Timeline

Health and Nutrition

Good Nutrition is Important

Ideas for Healthy Lunches and Snacks  

MyPlate: The most recent dietary guidelines  

Nutrient Sources

Alternative Ways to Avoid Obesity  

Exercise—It's Good for You

Feeling Good

Healthy Habits

The Dirty Truth About Smoking

Illness and Disease

What Ails You

The Common Cold

Is It a Cold or the Flu?


Common Infectious Diseases Worldwide


Natural Remedies

Bacteria vs. Virus



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