Event Time/Score
Road RacePascal Richard, SWI4:53:56
 Ralf Sorensen, DEN4:53:56
 Max Sciandri, GBR4:53:58
Road Time TrialMiguel Indurain, SPA1:04.05
 Abraham Olano, SPA1:04.17
 Chris Boardman, GBR1:04.36
SprintJens Fiedler, GER 
 Marthy Nothstein, USA 
 Curtis Harnett, CAN 
1000 m Time TrialFlorian Rousseau, FRA1:02.712
 Erin Hartwell, USA1:02.940
 Takandu Jumonji, JPN1:03.261
4000 m Individual PursuitAndrea Collinelli, ITA4:20.893
 Philippe Ermenault, FRA4:22.714
 Bradley McGee, AUS4:26.121
4000 m Team PursuitFrance4:05.930
Individual Points RaceSilvio Martinello, ITA37
 Brian Walton, CAN29
 Stuart O'Grady, AUS25
Cross-CountryBart Brentjens, NED2:17:38
 Thomas Frischknecht, SWI2:20:14
 Miguel Martinez, FRA2:20:26


Event Time/Score
Road RaceJeannie Longo-Ciprelli, FRA2:36:13
 Imelda Chiappa, USA2:36:38
 Clara Hughes, CAN2:36:44
Time TrialZulfia Zabirova, RUS36:40
 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli, FRA37:00
 Clara Hughes, CAN37:13
SprintFelicia Ballanger, FRA 
 Michelle Ferris, AUS 
 Ingrid Haringa, NED 
3000 m Individual PursuitAntonella Bellutti, ITA4:20.893
 Marion Clignet, FRA3:38.571
 Judith Arnt, GER3:33.595
Individual Points RaceNathalie Lancien, FRA24
 Ingrid Haringa, NED23
 Lucy Tyler-Sharman, AUS17
Cross-CountryPaola Pezzo, ITA1:50:51
 Alison Sydor, CAN1:51:58
 Susan DiMattei, USA1:52:36

Canoe Slalom1996 OlympicsEquestrian

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