Event Time/Score
Road RaceFabio Casartelli, ITA4:35:21
 Hendrick Dekker, NED4:35:22
 Dainis Ozols, LET4:35:24
100 km Road Team Time TrialGermany2:01:39
SprintJens Fiedler, GER 
 Gary Neiwand, AUS 
 Curtis Harnett, CAN 
1000 m Time TrialJose Moreno Perinan, SPA1:03.342
 Shane Kelly, AUS1:04.288
 Erin Hartwell, USA1:04.753
4000 m Individual PursuitChristopher Boardman, GBR 
 Jens Lehmann, GER 
 Gary Anderson, NZL 
4000 m Team PursuitGermany4:08.791
Individual Points RaceGiovanni Lombardi, ITA 
 Leon van Bon, NED 
 Cedric Mathy, BEL 


Event Time/Score
Road RaceKathryn Watt, AUS2:04:42
 Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli, FRA2:05:02
 Monique Knol, NED2:05:03
SprintErika Salumäe, EST 
 Annett Neumann, GER 
 Ingrid Haringa, NED 
3000 m Individual PursuitPetra Rossner, GER3:41.753
 Kathryn Watt, AUS3:43.438
 Rebecca Twigg, USA3:52.429

Canoe Slalom1992 OlympicsEquestrian

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