1000 m Kayak Singles K1Alexander Shaparenko, URS3:48.06
 Rolf Peterson, SWE3:48.35
 Geza Csapó, HUN3:49.38
1000 m Kayak Pairs K2USSR3:31.23
1000 m Kayak Fours K4USSR3:14.02
1000 m Canadian Singles C1Ivan Patzaichin, ROM4:08.94
 Tamas Wichmann, HUN4:12.42
 Detlef Lewe, FRG4:13.63
1000 m Canadian Pairs C2USSR3:52.60


500 m Kayak Singles K1Yulia Ryabchinskaya, URS2:03.17
 Mieke Jaapies, HOL2:04.03
 Anna Pfeffer, HUN2:05.50
500 m Kayak Pairs K2USSR1:53.50

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