Individual Road Race (122 miles)Hennie Kuiper, HOL4:14:37.0
 Kevin Sefton, AUS4:15:04.0
 Jaime Huelamo, ESP(Medal withdrawn–disqualified)
100 km Road Team Time TrialUSSR2:11:17.8
 Medal withdrawn (HOL disqualified) 
1000-m-Time TrialNiels Fredborg, DEN1:06.44
 Danny Clark, AUS1:06.87
 Jürgen Schütze, GDR1:07:02
1000-m-SprintDaniel Morelon, FRA 
 John Michael Nicholson, AUS 
 Omar Phakadze, URS 
4000-m-Individual PursuitKnut Knudsen, NOR4:45.74
 Xaver Kurmann, SUI4:51.96
 Hans Lutz, FRG4:50.80
4000-m-Team PursuitFRG4:22.14
 Great Britain4:23.78

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