The halfpipe is a U-shaped course dug into a snow-covered hill. Each finalist makes two runs, with the higher score determining their final standing. The parallel giant slalom, introduced in 2002, is a bracketed tournament competition with snowboarders competing against each other in two-race heats on separate slalom courses.

Medal breakdown (4 events): Five medals—United States (2-1-2); Three—France (1-2-0); Two—Switzerland (1-0-1); One—Sweden (0-1-0) and Italy (0-0-1).



Score refers to the boarders' highest after the two runs.

1Ross Powers, USA46.1
2Danny Kass, USA42.5
3Jarret Thomas, USA42.1
Other top 10 USA: 6th, Tommy Czeschin (40.6).

Parallel Giant Slalom

1Philipp Schoch, SWI
2Richard Richardsson, SWE
3Chris Klug, USA
Note: BIG FINAL (gold medal)—Schoch def. Richardsson (+0.24, DSQ); SMALL FINAL (bronze medal)—Klug def. Nicolas Huet, FRA (-0.15, -1.21) -1.36.
Next best USA: No other American qualified for the elimination round.



Score refers to the boarders' highest after the two runs.

1Kelly Clark, USA47.9
2Doriane Vidal, FRA43.0
3Fabienne Reuteler, SWI39.7
Other Top 10 USA: 5th, Shannon Dunn-Downing (37.2); 6th, Tricia Byrnes (36.4).

Parallel Giant Slalom

1Isabelle Blanc, FRA
2Karine Ruby, FRA
3Lidia Trettel, ITA
Note: BIG FINAL (gold medal)—Blanc def. Ruby (-1.89, +0.15) -1.74; SMALL FINAL (bronze medal)—Trettel def. Jagna Marczulajtis, POL (+0.17, DSQ).
Best USA: Lisa Koglow def. Aasa Windahl, SWE, in the first elimination round and lost to Ruby, FRA, in the quarterfinal round.

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