NFL Individual Lifetime, Season, and Game Records

(American Football League records were incorporated into NFL records after merger of the leagues.)

Players listed in boldface were active during the 2005 season. The NFL does not recognize records from the All-America Football Conference (AAFC), which existed from 1946 to 1949. The 49ers, Browns, and Colts merged with the NFL in 1949.

All-Time Scoring Leaders

(Through 2005)

Rank PlayerTouch-
1.Jerry Rice208Gary Anderson2,434
2.Emmitt Smith175Morten Andersen2,358
3.Marcus Allen145George Blanda2,002
4.Marshall Faulk136Norm Johnson1,736
5.Cris Carter131Nick Lowery1,711
6.Jim Brown126Jan Stenerud1,699
7.Walter Payton125John Carney1,634
8.John Riggins116Lou Groza1,608
9.Lenny Moore113Eddie Murray1,594
10.Marvin Harrison110Matt Stover1,594

All-Time Leading Receivers

(Through 2005)

RankPlayerNumber of
1. Jerry Rice 1,549Jerry Rice22,895
2. Cris Carter 1,101Tim Brown14,934
3.Tim Brown1,094James Lofton14,004
4. Andre Reed 951Cris Carter13,899
5. Art Monk 940Henry Ellard13,777
6. Marvin Harrison927Andre Reed13,198
7.Jimmy Smith862Steve Largent13,089
8.Irving Fryar 851Irving Fryar12,785
9.Larry Centers826Art Monk12,721
10.Keenan McCardell825Marvin Harrison12,331

All-Time Leading Passers (Through 2005)

PlayerNumber of
1.Dan Marino61,361Dan Marino4,967Dan Marino420
2.Brett Favre53,615Brett Favre4,678Brett Favre396
3.John Elway51,475 John Elway4,123Fran Tarkenton342
4.Warren Moon49,325Warren Moon3,988John Elway300
5.Fran Tarkenton47,003Drew Bledsoe3,749Warren Moon291
6.Vinny Testaverde45,252Vinny Testaverde3,691Johnny Unitas290
7.Drew Bledsoe43,447Fran Tarkenton3,686 Joe Montana273
8.Dan Fouts43,040Joe Montana3,409Vinny Testaverde269
9.Joe Montana40,551Dan Fouts3,297Dave Krieg261
10.Johnny Unitas40,239Dave Krieg3,105Sonny Jurgensen255

All-Time Interception Leaders

(Through 2005)

1.Paul Krause81
2.Emlen Tunnell79
3.Rod Woodson71
4.Dick Lane68
5.Ken Riley65
6.Ronnie Lott63
7.Dave Brown62
 Dick LeBeau62
9.Emmitt Thomas58
10.Mel Blount57
 Bobby Boyd57
 Johnny Robinson57
 Everson Walls57
 Eugene Robinson57

All-Time Sack Leaders

(Through 2005)

1.Bruce Smith200.0
2.Reggie White198.0
3.Kevin Greene160.0
4.Chris Doleman150.5
5.John Randle137.5
 Richard Dent137.5
7.Lawrence Taylor132.5
 Leslie O'Neal132.5
9.Michael Strahan129.5
10.Rickey Jackson128.0

All-Time Leading Rushers

(Through 2005)

1.Emmitt Smith18,355
2.Walter Payton16,726
3.Barry Sanders15,269
4.Curtis Martin14,101
5.Jerome Bettis13,662
6.Eric Dickerson13,259
7.Tony Dorsett12,739
8.Jim Brown12,312
9.Marshall Faulk12,279
10.Marcus Allen12,243
  • Most points scored, lifetime—2,434, Gary Anderson, Pittsburgh, 1982–94; Philadelphia, 1995–96; San Francisco, 1997; Minnesota, 1998–2002; Tennessee, 2003–04.
  • Most points, season—176, Paul Hornung, Green Bay, 1960 (15 td, 41 pat, 15 fg).
  • Most points, game—40, Ernie Nevers, Chicago Cardinals, 1929 (6 td, 4 pat).
  • Most touchdowns, lifetime—208, Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1985–2000; Oakland 2001–2003, Seattle 2004.
  • Most touchdowns, season—28, Shaun Alexander, Seattle Seahawks, 2005.
  • Most points after touchdown, lifetime—943, George Blanda, Chicago Bears, 1949–58; Baltimore, 1950; Houston, 1960–66; Oakland, 1967–75.
  • Most field goals, lifetime—538, Gary Anderson, Pittsburgh, 1982–94; Philadelphia, 1995–96; San Francisco, 1997; Minnesota, 1998–2002; Tennessee, 2003–04.
  • Most field goals, season—40, Neil Rackers, Arizona, 2005.
  • Most field goals, game—8, Rob Bironas, Tennessee, 2007.
  • Longest field goal—63 yards, Tom Dempsey, New Orleans, 1970; Jason Elam, Denver, 1998.


  • Most yards gained, lifetime—18,355, Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, 1990–2002; Arizona, 2003–04.
  • Most yards gained, season—2,105, Eric Dickerson, Los Angeles, 1984.
  • Most yards gained, game—295, Jamal Lewis, Baltimore, 2003.
  • Most touchdowns, lifetime—164, Emmitt Smith, Dallas, 1990–2002; Arizona, 2003–04.
  • Most touchdowns, season—25, Emmitt Smith, Dallas, 1995.
  • Most touchdowns, game—6, Ernie Nevers, Chicago Cardinals, 1929.
  • Longest run from scrimmage—99 yards, Tony Dorsett, Dallas, 1983.


  • Most pass receptions, lifetime—1,549, Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1985–2000; Oakland 2001–2003; Seattle 2004.
  • Most pass receptions, season—143, Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis, 2002.
  • Most pass receptions, game—20, Terrell Owens, San Francisco, 2000.
  • Most yards gained, pass receptions, lifetime—22,895, Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1985–2000; Oakland 2001–2003; Seattle 2004.
  • Most yards gained, receptions, season—1,848, Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1995.
  • Most yards gained, receptions, game—336, Flipper Anderson, Los Angeles Rams, 1989.
  • Most touchdown receptions, lifetime—197, Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1985–2000; Oakland 2001–2003; Seattle 2004.
  • Most touchdown pass receptions, season—23, Randy Moss, New England, 2008.
  • Most touchdown pass receptions, game—5, Bob Shaw, Chicago Cards, 1950; Kellen Winslow, San Diego, 1981; Jerry Rice, San Francisco, 1990.


  • Most pass interceptions, lifetime—81, Paul Krause, Washington, 1964-67; Minnesota, 1968–79.
  • Most pass interceptions, season—14, Richard (Night Train) Lane, Detroit, 1952.
  • Most pass interceptions, game—4, by 18 players.
  • Longest pass interception return—104 yards, James Willis, Philadelphia, 1996.


  • Highest average punting, lifetime—45.1 yards, Sammy Baugh, Washington, 1937–52.
  • Longest punt return—103 yards, Robert Bailey, L.A. Rams, 1994.
  • Longest kick-off return—108 yards, Ellis Hobbs, New England, 2007.


  • Most touchdown passes, lifetime—422, Brett Favre, Green Bay, 2007.
  • Most touchdown passes, season—50, Tom Brady, New England, 2007.
  • Most touchdown passes, game—7, Sid Luckman, Chicago Bears, 1943; Adrian Burk, Philadelphia, 1954; George Blanda, Houston, 1961; Y. A. Tittle, N.Y. Giants, 1962; Joe Kapp, Minnesota, 1969.
  • Longest pass completion—99 yards, Frank Filchock (to Andy Farkas), Washington, 1939; George Izo (to Bob Mitchell), Washington, 1963; Karl Sweetan (to Pat Studstill), Detroit, 1966; Sonny Jurgensen (to Gerry Allen), Washington, 1968; Jim Plunkett (to Cliff Branch) L.A. Raiders, 1983; Ron Jaworski (to Mike Quick), Philadelphia, 1985; Stan Humphries (to Tony Martin), San Diego, 1994; Brett Favre (to Robert Brooks), Green Bay, 1995; Trent Green (to Marc Boerigter) Kansas City, 2002; Jeff Garcia (to Andre Davis) Cleveland, 2004.
  • Most passes completed, lifetime—4,967, Dan Marino, Miami, 1983–99.
  • Most passes completed, season—404, Warren Moon, 1991.
  • Most passes completed, game—45, Drew Bledsoe, New England, 1994.
  • Most yards gained, lifetime—61,361, Dan Marino, Miami, 1983–99.
  • Most yards gained, season—5,084, Dan Marino, Miami, 1984.
  • Most yards gained, game—554, Norm Van Brocklin, Los Angeles, 1951.

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