Cool Computer Software

Liberty’s Kids (The Learning Company)As a reporter for the Philadelphia Gazette, you interview the major players in the American Revolution, gather facts and quotes and write your own front-page story. Lots of puzzles to solve and games to play along the way.
Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions (Sierra On-Line)Design, build and test your own contraptions, using pulleys, conveyor belts, soccer balls and baboons. In addition, you can tackle 250 puzzles on your own or in a race against another player.
Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake (Her Interactive)Travel to the spooky Moon Lake to help super-sleuth Nancy Drew unravel the mystery surrounding a ghostly pack of dogs that may or may not have risen from the dead.
Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe (Disney Interactive)Here’s a change to design, build and test-drive your own amusement park masterpiece. Cool graphics and endless options make this one wild ride.
Zoombinis Island Odyssey (The Learning Company/Riverdeep)The Zoombinis return to Zoombini Isle to find that their once lush homeland has been destroyed and abandoned. Navigating a series of adventurous puzzles, you help them restore the habitat.
Fact Monster’s Guide to Doing Research on the Internet Computers and the InternetTop 10 PC Game Titles, 2005


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