Kids from Japan

  • Location: East Asia
  • School:
    • Schools in Japan are very competitive, and the pressure to score well begins early. Even preschoolers may attend “cram schools” to prepare for exams.
    • The Japanese school year typically begins in April and lasts until March. There is a summer break of about six weeks, but kids have homework during that time.
    • Comic books have been popular in Japan since the 1700s. Comics now account for about 40% of all published material in Japan.
    • Kite-flying is enjoyed by people of every age. Each year Japan hosts numerous kite festivals that feature giant, spectacular handmade kites.
    • Homes in Japan are small—on average, less than 1,000 square feet (compared with 2,400 in the U.S.). The typical family of four lives in five small rooms.
    • Most fathers in Japan work long hours. As a result, some kids only see their fathers on weekends or holidays
    Favorite food:
    • Fish! Fish may be eaten at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. On average, each person in Japan eats about 68 kg (150 lbs) of fish a year.
  • Did you know? Japan is an island country. It consists of four main islands—Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu > and about 3,000 smaller ones.

For more information, go to the Fact Monster page about Japan.

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