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Nato: Russian troops are in Ukraine
Nato releases satellite images which it says show Russian forces inside Ukraine to help rebels fight government troops - a claim Russia denies.
IS 'kills dozens of Syrian soldiers'
Islamic State (IS) militants appear to have killed "dozens" of Syrian soldiers captured after gaining control of the Tabqa airbase, activists say.
Ebola Africa travel bans to be axed
West African health ministers meeting in Ghana follow WHO advice and lift travel restrictions on countries affected by the Ebola outbreak.
UN peacekeepers held in Golan
Forty-three UN peacekeepers are being held by an armed group in the Syrian Golan Heights, amid heavy fighting between rebels and the army.
Google trials drone deliveries
Google reveals it has built and tested its own drones as part of a plan to make automated deliveries to remote homes as well as disaster-hit zones.
Pitt and Jolie wedding announced
Actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are now married, according to a spokesman for the Hollywood couple.
Pakistan PM named as murder suspect
Pakistani police name Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a suspect in the murder of 14 followers of an anti-government cleric in Lahore, officials say.
Erdogan sworn in as Turkey president
Recep Tayyip Erdogan is officially sworn in as Turkish president after winning the country's first ever public vote for head of state.
Nigeria launches electronic ID cards
Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan formally launches a national electronic identity card, which can also be used to make payments.
Iceland examines volcano 'cauldrons'
Scientists in Iceland say they are examining several depressions, termed 'cauldrons', near Bardarbunga volcano, which could be a sign of an eruption.
Historic Afghan minaret 'threatened'
One of Afghanistan's architectural marvels, the minaret of Jam in Ghor province, is in danger of collapse, officials tell the BBC.
Police seize video gamer live on cam
Armed police dramatically raid the office of a video gamer near Denver, US - and the incident was broadcast live online.
VIDEO: Police seize gamer during live broadcast
A video gamer in Denver was dramatically involved in a raid by armed police acting on an assumed hoax call - and the incident was broadcast live online.
VIDEO: Esha Ness cave is 'UK's biggest'
Geologist Jonathan Swale claims that the Calders Geo sea cave at Esha Ness in Shetland is the largest in Britain.
VIDEO: Millionaires search Med for migrants
A philanthropist couple have launched what they say is the world's first privately funded boat to help migrants in trouble at sea.
VIDEO: One-minute World News
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VIDEO: Brad and Angelina marry in France
Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have married in France, a spokesman confirms.
VIDEO: Hamm on beards, baseball and moving on
He's best known for his portrayal as the cool and commanding Don Draper in Mad Men - but actor Jon Hamm is keen to shake off his bad boy image.
VIDEO: Roman ruins uncovered in Somerset
Archaeologists are studying Roman ruins, including a bath house, that have been discovered on the site of a new bypass in Somerset.
VIDEO: Litter bug mountaineers 'must recycle'
Over the decades tonnes of disposed tents, spent oxygen cylinders and bottles have been left behind on Mount Everest by people trying to scale it. Now authorities are urging them to bring the waste back down with them to recycle it.
Thirty gold bars buried on beach
A gold-rush starts at a beach in Kent where a German artist buried £10,000 worth of bullion as part of an arts festival.
VIDEO: Close shave for Shaun the sheep
A sheep called Shaun has been shorn for the first time in his life and his fleece has weighed in at a huge 23 kilograms.
Malaysia Airlines expects more losses
Malaysia Airlines says the full financial impact of the two tragedies to hit the company will be seen in the second half of the year.
EU widens aid to dairy exporters
The EU announces emergency help for dairy producers hit by the Russian ban on food imports from the EU.
'Fashionable' smartwatches announced
South Korean tech firms LG and Samsung have announced more smartwatches, ahead of a widely anticipated entry to the sector from Apple.
VIDEO: 'White space' internet developed
David Grossman reports from the Isle of Wight, on the "white space" which could help remote areas access fast broadband.
Diana's Bake Off exit announced
Great British Bake Off contestant Diana Beard has left the show, but the BBC says her exit was due to illness, not a controversy over the latest episode.
US film-maker William Greaves dies
The US film-maker and Emmy-winning journalist, William Greaves, has died in New York at the age of 87.
DNA tells story of Arctic peopling
A study of genetic sequences sheds light on the settling of the North American Arctic, from ancient "Paleo-Eskimos" to the modern-day Inuit.
Genetic clues to spread of Ebola
Scientists have tracked the spread of Ebola in West Africa, revealing genetic clues to the course of the outbreak.
WHO warns 20,000 at risk of Ebola
The UN's health agency says the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa could infect more than 20,000 people, and urges airlines to resume flights.
Tomatoes linked with fighting cancer
Eating tomatoes may lower the risk of prostate cancer, research suggests.
Liverpool drawn against Real Madrid
Liverpool are drawn against holders Real Madrid as Manchester City get a tough draw in the Champions League.
Rooney named new England captain
Wayne Rooney is named England captain by manager Roy Hodgson, who also calls up four uncapped players.
The parenting lessons to be taken from movies
It is 50 years since Mary Poppins appeared on cinema screens.
The etiquette of reclining seats on flights
When is it acceptable to lean back at 30,000ft, asks Jon Kelly.
Zambia leader sacks potential rival
Zambia's leader sacks his justice minister, seen as a potential successor, amid rumours the president is gravely ill.
India launches bank accounts for all
Indian PM Narendra Modi launches a plan to provide a bank account for every household, in a landmark initiative to help the poor.
Venice kicks off with Birdman film
The Venice Film Festival gets under way in Italy with Birdman, a comedy drama about an actor trying to escape from the shadow of his most famous role.
Strike disrupts Argentine capital
Sections of Argentina's General Confederation of Labour are holding a 36-hour strike, which has caused disruption in the capital Buenos Aires.
Morsi investigated over 'Qatar leak'
Egypt has opened an investigation into ousted President Mohammed Morsi for allegedly handing over secret files to Qatar, state media report.
US supermarket sale ends bitter feud
The US supermarket chain Market Basket agrees to sell to former boss Arthur T Demoulas, ending a months-long strike amongst workers and customers.
Tory MP Carswell defects to UKIP
Tory MP Douglas Carswell has defected to the UK Independence Party - and says he will seek re-election in Clacton at a by-election.
New hospital food rules introduced
Hospitals in England will be expected to provide a higher standard of food under new rules being introduced by the government.
Early inspections over abuse scandal
Inspections of the children's services at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal are to be carried out early, as the deputy police and crime commissioner resigns and calls for her boss Shaun Wright to go.
Concern over Thatcher's commitment
Previously confidential files reveal concerns by the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) to Margaret Thatcher's commitment to the Anglo Irish Agreement, two weeks before it was signed.
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