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Heroes come in many forms. What kind of hero would you like to be?

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I would like to work to save endangered species (maybe orangutans, cranes, or whales) from extinction.19%
I would like to like to work at an orphanage, giving the children love and support until they found a new home.15%
I would like to coach a baseball or basketball team that has never had success--if I couldn't turn the team into winners, at least I could teach them a love for the game and help them gain confidence in themselves.14%
I would like to work to save our environment from global warming, polluted air and water, and the destruction of nature and wildlife before it's too late.13%
I would like to be an emergency relief worker, helping people who have been struck by disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or famines.10%
I would like to serve as a doctor in a war-torn country, saving the lives of civilians and soldiers.10%
I would like to be a teacher at a poor and under-privileged school--I think I could get students excited about learning and give them the hope of finding a better life.10%
I would like to work to eradicate racisim and make sure all people are truly treated equally.9%
Total votes cast: 3701
poll first posted on March 15, 2001

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