Top Oil Producers and Consumers

In 2011, Saudi Arabia ranked as the world's top oil producer. The United States, meanwhile, has the dubious honor of being the biggest consumer. Here's a look at the world's top 10 oil consumers


Country Thousand barrels per day
Saudi Arabia 11,154
Russia 10,239
United States 10,145
China 4,347
Iran 4,226
Canada 3,600
United Arab Emirates 3,088
Mexico 2,960
Kuwait 2,692
Brazil 2,685


Country Thousand barrels per day
United States 18,949
China 9,810
Japan 4,464
India 3,360
Russia 3,110
Brazil 2,650
Saudi Arabia 2,620
Germany 2,400
Canada 2,289
South Korea 2,230

U.S. Energy Sources Energy U.S. Energy Consumption by Energy Source, 2002–2006 (Quadrillion Btu)


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