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Peta the Koala is on the mend after an accident
Watch this video of a cute koala who's had special help to get better after an accident.
Homesick dog walks 240 miles to get home
The sheepdog's owners got a surprise when he turned up back home after he'd been moved to another farm, hundreds of miles away.
'Bald' lamb born with no wool given fluffy fleece
Skippy the lamb, born without its own wool coat, is being kept warm in a borrowed fluffy fleece.
How to train a search and rescue dog
Find out more about the tough training rescue dogs have to go through to help in disaster zones, like last year's Nepal earthquake.
Firefighters rescue tiny ducklings from drain
Watch US firefighters rescue cute ducklings from a storm drain.
'Fat' gorilla surprises zoo with new baby
Keepers at Prague Zoo got a surprise when the gorilla they thought was overweight gave birth to a baby.
Injured duck waddling again, thanks to 3D printed feet
Phillip the duck is waddling again, thanks to a school teacher and his class in America who 3D printed new feet for him.
Baby polar bear makes a splash at US zoo
Nora, a US zoo's new polar bear cub came out with a splash on Friday, as she went for her a swim in front of visitors.
Study reveals 'small brained' ravens as clever as chimps
Clever ravens have proven that when it comes to brains, size doesn't matter.
Fake puffins used in Isle of Man to attract real birds
Hundreds of model puffins are being used to attract the real birds back to the Isle of Man.
Child farmers help deliver lambs in lambing season
Leah finds out the hard work that goes into lambing season and meets some very cute little lambs!
Wild tiger numbers going up
The number of tigers in the wild around the world goes up for the first time in 100 years.
Baby orangutan meets mum for first time
Eleven days since being born, a baby orangutan at Memphis Zoo, America, meets his mum for the first time.
How might Inky the octopus have escaped from his tank to the Pacific Ocean?
It's thought Inky the octopus escaped from his tank in New Zealand, into the Pacific Ocean - how might that be possible?
Our latest bulletin
Martin has your top stories this Saturday
Five dinosaur discoveries that changed the world
After researchers discover a new trail of dinosaur fossils in Scotland we look back the most amazing dinosaur discoveries of all time.
What is a beached whale and why do whales beach themselves?
From January to February 2016, 30 sperm whales became stranded on sand on the coasts of England, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Here's Newsround's guide.
Top five animal record breakers
Hot on the heels of Otto, the record breaking skateboarding bulldog, Newsround rounds up the top five animal record breakers.
What's it like to have a guide dog at school?
Adam is visually impaired and has been considering getting a guide dog to help him out at school...

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