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Pictures: World's Ugliest Dog contest 2016
Meet the adorable pooches strutting their stuff in the World's Ugliest Dog contest 2016...
Anna: 'My dream is to be a camel racer'
Meet Anna, she owns three camels and is learning how to become a champion camel racer.
Ambitious plan to re-home up to 500 African elephants
Wildlife experts are planning to move up to 500 African elephants to a new home to try to increase their numbers in the wild.
Meet Piper, the dog who works at an airport
This clever pup helps to keep the runway clear at an airport in America.
How this poo-sniffing dog is helping protect koalas
A dog in Australia has been trained up to sniff out koala poo to help track and protect the animals.
'State of Emergency' in Australian town over-run by bats
A small town in Australia has been taken over by 100,000 fruit bats who just wont leave!
Giant panda twins born in China
A panda research base in China has welcomed its first pair of panda twins for 2016.
Meet the animals predicting Euro 2016 results
Find out who these animals think will win Euro 2016 matches.
Mischievous panda cubs in China caught on camera
From trying to balance on poles to knocking a surveillance camera off a tree, these panda cubs in China have been busy...
Seagull turns orange after fall into tikka masala curry
A seagull has turned bright orange after falling into a curry.
Spotted: The moth that impersonates a hummingbird
Have you seen a hummingbird hawk-moth in your garden? Experts think it might be trying to make a home for itself in Britain.
Springwatch presenters answer your questions
We asked Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan from Springwatch your questions live - check out what they had to say about the latest series.
Spitting fish trained to recognise human faces
Tropical 'archerfish' have been trained to recognise different human faces and they prove it by spitting at you.
Divers tackle Great Barrier Reef starfish threat
An army of divers are taking on one of the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - the 'Crown of Thorns' starfish.
Our latest bulletin
Leah has your top stories this Tuesday afternoon
David Attenborough turns 90 years old
Jenny takes a look back at just some of the highlights of Sir David Attenborough's long career working with animals.
Five dinosaur discoveries that changed the world
After researchers discover a new trail of dinosaur fossils in Scotland we look back the most amazing dinosaur discoveries of all time.
What is a beached whale and why do whales beach themselves?
From January to February 2016, 30 sperm whales became stranded on sand on the coasts of England, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Here's Newsround's guide.

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