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Newborn Panda Cuddles Mum
Zoo keepers in China have released footage of a newly born panda cub getting a cuddle off mum.
Autistic boy makes rare friend with a special dog
A young autistic boy who can't be touched or hugged by anyone has connected for the first time with a special dog.
Meet three heroes helping hedgehogs
It's feared up to a third of the population has been lost in the past 10 years. Newsround meets three people who are working hard to help hedgehogs.
Lucky cat rescued from 12 floors up
This lucky kitty has been rescued unharmed from an apartment building in Singapore after getting stuck on a ledge.
Nine sea lions return to the wild of Palomino Island
After months of rehabilitation, watch the moment these 9 orphaned sea lion pups finally return to the wild.
Elephants and the ivory trade: How a baby elephant keeps cool
The South African heat was too much for one baby elephant, but it has a really clever way of keeping cool...
Pictures: Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 winners and finalists
Take a look at seven stunning photos from the Natural History Museum's competition, which sets out to find the best animal pictures taken by photographers aged 17 and under around the world.
Two giant pandas released into the wild
After three years of survival training two giant pandas in China have been released back into the wild.
Elephants get new life at sanctuary in Brazil
A new elephant sanctuary in Latin America has received its first two residents, 'Maia' and 'Guida'.
Remarkable Rhino Rescue
Check out this Rhino Rescue: he got his face stuck in a tyre
'Like being in Jurassic Park!' London Zoo gorilla recaptured
Visitors say the moment they were told to stay in a cafe for safety, after a gorilla escaped at London Zoo, was 'like being in Jurassic Park'.
Getting pet tortoises ready for winter hibernation
Pet owners in Bristol get their tortoises ready for the big winter sleep by taking them to the vets for a check-up.
An eastern black rhino baby has been born at a US zoo
An endangered eastern black rhino has given birth at a zoo in Iowa in the US.
Pictures: The elephants who look like celebrities
Newsround couldn't help but notice some similarities between our favourite celebrities and these wonderful animals
Large dinosaur footprint discovered in Gobi desert
One of the largest dinosaur footprints ever discovered has been found by researchers in the Gobi desert, Mongolia.
Chilly ex-battery chickens get woolly jumpers
Volunteers for an animal charity have knitted some jumpers for ex-battery chickens who lost their feathers
Elephants and the ivory trade: The crisis in Africa
Newsround's guide to how the ivory trade is having a devastating impact on the number of elephants in the world.
Our latest bulletin
Jenny has all your top stories on Monday.
Pictures: Weird animals invading sports events
After hundreds of moths invaded the Euro 2016 final, Newsround looks back at some other animals that have tried to get in on the sporting action.
David Attenborough turns 90 years old
Jenny takes a look back at just some of the highlights of Sir David Attenborough's long career working with animals.


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