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VIDEO: Is this the luckiest cat in the world?
Chloe the cat fell down a chimney and got stuck there for six weeks. But she managed to survive and her owners are calling her a super cat.
Dog in dramatic helicopter rescue
A dog in America has been rescued after falling into an icy lake.
VIDEO: Giant beaked whales show their scars
The Baird's beaked whale - one of the most mysterious marine mammals - forms long-term partnerships that last many years, footage reveals.
Injured koala returned to wild
A koala injured in the recent Australian bush fires is now well enough to be released back into the wild.
VIDEO: Big increase in India's tigers
There are 30% more tigers in India than four years ago, which officials say is a "huge success story" for conservation.
VIDEO: More dogs and cats left at rescue homes
The RSPCA says more dogs and cats are dumped at rescue homes after Christmas.
VIDEO: Scientists prepare for sub-Antarctic rat cull
British scientists are preparing for the world's biggest rat cull on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia.
VIDEO: Big plan to remove rats from South Georgia
The final part of a massive five year mission to remove rats from the island of South Georgia began on Saturday.
VIDEO: Sewing fans helping injured animals
Wildlife sanctuaries across southern Australia have been helping injured animals - by asking the public to sew mittens and pouches!
Horse who fell down a well and lived
Fire-fighters in Leicestershire had a bit of a shock when they were called out to rescue a horse, who had fallen into a well.
Beavers back in the wild in England
The first beavers found living in the wild in England for 500 years will be allowed to stay where they are.
VIDEO: Badger first for nature reserve
Badgers are filmed at a Nottinghamshire nature reserve for the first time.
VIDEO: Super geese flying higher than Himalayas
A group of bar-headed geese has been tracked by scientists to see just how they can fly so high.
VIDEO: Baby rhino takes first steps
A baby rhino born at a zoo in Copenhagen in Denmark takes its first steps.
VIDEO: International search for Wally the swan
A swan nicknamed Wally went missing when flying back from Iceland. His disappearance sparked an international search.
VIDEO: Rhinos on the run from Israel zoo
Three rhinos escaped from Israel's safari zoo after one of the security guards fell asleep by an open side gate.
VIDEO: Seals' night 'secrets' revealed
Thermal imaging filming techniques by BBC Winterwatch have revealed the nocturnal behaviour of England's largest seal colony.
VIDEO: Tagged jellyfish reveal swimming secrets
Jellyfish tagging study reveals the creatures' ability to swim against the current, researchers say.
VIDEO: Rare Sumatran tiger triplets born
Three Sumatran tiger cubs have been born at Chester Zoo.
VIDEO: Divers covered in whale 'poonado'
Divers trying to take a photograph of a sperm whale got more than they bargained for when they got up close to the giant mammal.
VIDEO: 'Miracle' South Africa rhino birth
A white rhino that survived a vicious poaching attack in 2012 has given birth to a calf at the Kariega Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
VIDEO: Escaped emu runs down Israel road
Motorists in a town in Israel were surprised to be sharing the road with an escaped emu out for a jog!
VIDEO: Speedy hippo chases tour boat
A safari tour guide in Zambia had a big surprise when travelling on his boat after a huge hippo started to chase it at high speed!
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VIDEO: 'Dead' seagull's amazing recovery
A seagull, knocked out by a cricket ball, made a miraculous recovery and invaded the pitch at the Big Bash Twenty20 cricket match in Melbourne, Australia.
Watch: Do your pets have a secret life?
Ever wondered whether your pets lead a secret double life while you are away? A new BBC show uses exciting new camera techniques to find out...
VIDEO: The man taking selfies with sharks
Newsround chats to adventurer Aaron Gekoski who has been taking selfies whilst swimming with sharks!
Why do starlings 'dance' in the sky?
Martin goes starling watching in Brighton to find out why the birds fly together and create mesmerising patterns called 'murmurations' in the sky.