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What are puppy farms and why are they a big issue?
People who breed dogs have to follow special rules, but the BBC programme Panorama's found that some puppy farms aren't doing that. Now the issue's being discussed by MPs.
Pictures: Pugs parade dressed in Star Wars costumes
Are you a fan of droids and dogs, or Princess Leia and pugs? Then look no further - the Force is strong with these pugs in a Star Wars-themed parade in America!
Dinosaurs like T-rex may have had lips to protect their teeth
Scientists think that theropod dinosaurs, like the T-rex, may have had lips to protect their sharp teeth.
Mischievous panda cubs in China caught on camera
From trying to balance on poles to knocking a surveillance camera off a tree, these panda cubs in China have been busy...
Spider scares US weatherman
A US weatherman couldn't help but massively scream after spotting a spider on a monitor in the TV studio.
Bloopers: Adventurous dog Arthur explores Newsround studio
Adventurous dog Arthur crossed the Amazon to find a new home, he came into the studio with his owner and went exploring live on air. Here are his best blooper moments.
Arthur the dog who crossed the Amazon to find new home
Meet the adventurous dog who crossed the Amazon rainforest to find himself a new home.
Meet Smudge, the world's first dog to take digital contactless payments
Meet Smudge, the first dog to collect money using contactless cards, rather than notes and coins.
American scientists develop tiny hovering robot insects
Scientists in America have developed these amazing tiny robots that can fly and perch on the ceiling like insects. We take a look at some of our favourite robots inspired by animals.
How to feed an orphaned baby rhino
Poaching has left lots of baby rhino without their mums. Watch and find out how they're cared for by humans.
Ayshah joins park rangers on night patrol in South Africa
Ayshah joins the anti-poaching squad, patrolling South Africa's wildlife reserves at night, to help protect animals.
South African kids learn about the importance of Wildlife
Kids in South Africa have been getting special lessons about how important Wildlife is and why they should respect it.
New dinosaur discovered in America nicknamed Judith
Fossils of two new dinosaurs related to the Triceratops have been discovered in America and one of them has been nicknamed Judith!
Why are Canadian polar bears pooping glitter?
The polar bears at Winnipeg zoo in Canada are pooping glitter... yes, really.
Five animal facts you might not know
Watch Kirkland the conservationist's five fab wildlife facts...
Kids chant a message of respect for animals and their environment
A group of South African kids get motivated on conservation day trip by chanting message of respect
Our latest bulletin
Leah has your top stories this Tuesday.
David Attenborough turns 90 years old
Jenny takes a look back at just some of the highlights of Sir David Attenborough's long career working with animals.
Five dinosaur discoveries that changed the world
After researchers discover a new trail of dinosaur fossils in Scotland we look back the most amazing dinosaur discoveries of all time.
What is a beached whale and why do whales beach themselves?
From January to February 2016, 30 sperm whales became stranded on sand on the coasts of England, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Here's Newsround's guide.

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