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VIDEO: Rhino deaths hit record high
The number of rhino deaths is increasing year on year, further endangering the existence of the animal.
Pictures: Underwater photo competition winners
Have a look at these stunning pictures, winners and runners-up in a competition by the British Society of Underwater Photographers.
VIDEO: Rare baby anoa calf born at zoo
Anoa are the world's smallest species of wild cattle and one has just been born at Chester Zoo in England.
VIDEO: Humpback whales shock fishermen
Two Norwegian men fishing in Troms came within an arm's length of a group of humpback whales.
Could there be tiger on the loose?
Police say they are searching for a tiger after reports of a big cat being seen in a carpark near Paris.
Gnasher gets microchipped
Gnasher gets microchipped in this week's issue of the comic. It comes ahead of new rules which will mean dogs in England and Wales will have to have the chips.
VIDEO: Tortoises born in Lake District
Four baby tortoises have been born at the Lake District wildlife park in Cumbria for the first time.
VIDEO: Animals on the move from rescue centre
1,700 animals at Wetheriggs animal rescue centre in Cumbria have packed their bags to move to their new home in County Durham.
VIDEO: Bear filmed wandering around shop
A black bear cub has been filmed wandering the aisles of a shop in the US state of Oregon.
VIDEO: Horse is popular care home visitor
A nine-year-old horse has proved a hit with care home residents in Shropshire after becoming a regular visitor.
Why do starlings 'dance' in the sky?
Martin goes starling watching in Brighton to find out why the birds fly together and create mesmerising patterns called 'murmurations' in the sky.
VIDEO: Watch: Robo-penguin helps bird research
A remote-controlled vehicle disguised as a penguin helps researchers study shy emperor penguins up close.
Watch: British sea predators "at risk"
Great predators in Britain's seas like basking sharks, dolphins and porpoises, urgently need more protection, according to a new report.
VIDEO: Watch: Man says sorry for climbing on top of dead whale
An Australian man who climbed onto a dead whale as it floated offshore has apologised for his actions.
VIDEO: Playful pandas avoid medicine
Pandas try their best to avoid taking their medicine by playing with their helper in southwest China's Chengdu.
VIDEO: The Halloween party for pugs
Lots of you might be dressing up for Halloween today but it's not just humans getting in the spooky spirit.
Pictures: Behind the scenes with Nimbus
Take a sneak peak behind the scenes when Martin met Nimbus, the clouded leopard.
VIDEO: New species of frog discovered
Scientists confirm a new species of leopard frog has been discovered in New York City.
VIDEO: New app to play with pets
A new device lets owners watch and play with their pets on the go.
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VIDEO: Meet the dog saved by a social network
When Jasper the dog went missing on a mountain, owner Adam shared a photo of him on the internet. It led to an emotional and slobbery reunion.
Watch: The leopard raised in a bathroom
A baby leopard called Nimbus has been raised by a family in their bathroom.
VIDEO: Shark attacks underwater camera
A drone captures the first-ever close-up of a Great White shark's lethal bite.
VIDEO: Cats - 3 things you might not know!
Are cats more selfish than dogs? Do cats have friends? And should you ever look a cat in the eye? BBC Cat Watch presenter Liz Bonnin gives us the answers...