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'Miraculous' discovery of rare tigers in eastern Thailand
Hidden cameras caught incredible images of the critically-endangered Indochinese tigers in eastern Thailand.
Pictures: The world's best animal photographs
Winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced! Check out some of the stunning photos from the finalists.
The kids helping Scotland's coastal wildlife
Edinburgh school pupils have been telling Newsround what they've been doing to help preserve wildlife by the sea.
Mooove out the way!
Watch a policeman in Texas, America, have a narrow escape from a cow on the run!
How the Kea bird is making everyone giggle
Scientists have discovered that the Kea bird from New Zealand has an infectious giggle.
People are able to keep track of how fit their pets are
Fitness tracking technology is no longer just for human, pets can now use it too
Tiny shrimp fossil named after David Attenborough
Take a look at this amazing 430 million-year-old fossil which has been named after the famous nature documentary maker Sir David Attenborough
National Whale and Dolphin watch breaks records
At least three humpback whales, a sperm whale, striped dolphins, and a group of 500 common dolphins were among 1424 sightings in the UK in the 2016 watch!
Cody Gribble pushes alligator off golf course
What do you do when you come across an alligator on a golf course? Ask pro golfer Cody Gribble...
Baby hippo makes first appearance at zoo in Australia
Here at Newsround we love animals, big or small and we know you do too!
Hungry spiders eat up to 800m tonnes of insects a year!
Spiders may be quite small but they are big eaters! A new study has found the world’s spiders eat millions of tonnes of insects every year.
Millions more Adélie penguins than scientists thought
A team of researchers counting Adélie penguins in East Antarctica realised they may have missed out quite a few, there's 3.6 million more than they thought!
Labrador dogs help interview new vets
Edinburgh Napier University called in the experts to sniff out the best new student vets.
Bumblebees' smelly feet trick
Scientists from the University of Bristol say that they've discovered a clever trick that bumblebees use to help each other find the best food.
Our latest bulletin
Catch up with all the latest stories on Newsround.
Pictures: Creatures named after Sir David Attenborough
As a tiny 430 million-year-old shrimp-like fossil becomes the latest creature to join the Attenborough-gang, here's a look at just some of the creatures who have taken Attenborough's name...
Pictures: Seven adventurous animals
This week, a meat-eating praying mantis was found in a shipping container giving people a bit of a surprise. So let's have a look back at Newsround's top adventurous animals.


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