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Watch: The leopard raised in a bathroom
A baby leopard called Nimbus has been raised by a family in their bathroom.
Pictures: Behind the scenes with Nimbus
Take a sneak peak behind the scenes when Martin met Nimbus, the clouded leopard.
VIDEO: Hawk attacks drone in the sky
A drone camera is brought down from the air by a red-tailed hawk who wasn't happy about it flying in its air space.
Police capture inflatable crocodile
Police called to a report of a suspected escaped crocodile in a Plymouth garden discover it is an inflatable toy.
Mussels kill off UK native species
An invasive army of damaging mussels and shrimps are muscling into the UK - killing off native species. They breed so fast they can clog water pipes.
VIDEO: Cats - 3 things you might not know!
Are cats more selfish than dogs? Do cats have friends? And should you ever look a cat in the eye? BBC Cat Watch presenter Liz Bonnin gives us the answers...
VIDEO: Hairy pigs to help restore land
Conservationists have revealed the latest weapon in their fight to preserve and restore threatened heath land in Dorset...hairy pigs!
VIDEO: Horse walks into a police station
A horse has been captured on CCTV walking into a police station in Winsford, Cheshire.
VIDEO: Kangaroo fight caught on camera
Watch this amazing video of two kangaroos having a fight on a street in Australia.
VIDEO: Tortoises born in Lake District
Four baby tortoises have been born at the Lake District wildlife park in Cumbria for the first time.
Woman finds three-inch leech in nose
A backpacker finds a leech which had been living in her nose for a month after returning from a trip to South East Asia.
VIDEO: Chocolate coated insects dipped in fountain
A museum in America invites visitors to try an unusual chocolate fountain!
Robot learns how snakes climb dunes
US researchers discover how sidewinder snakes climb sand dunes by copying the moves with a robot.
Horses used as lawnmowers
A nature reserve brings in a group of wild horses to eat the tall plants.
VIDEO: Jenny meets Blue Peter guide dog
Jenny meets Iggy the labrador, her guide walker and Blue Peter presenter Lindsay to find out more about the challenges of training a guide dog.
VIDEO: Record numbers of geese land
Forty five thousand pink-footed geese have stopped off at wetlands in north west England during their migration from Iceland.
German farmer puts nappies on cows
A German farmer is protesting against a new EU rule by putting home-made nappies on his cows.
VIDEO: 'It's a great time for spiders'
Experts say that this autumn, spiders in our houses will be even bigger than usual, because the recent mild weather has meant there are more insects for them to eat.
VIDEO: Bat dive bombs US news channel
Presenters at a US TV station had a shock on Wednesday morning when a bat started flying around their studio.
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VIDEO: Keepers surprised by baby meerkat
Animal keepers at a rescue centre in Penrith, Cumbria, have been enjoying an unexpected arrival - a baby meerkat.
VIDEO: Shark attacks underwater camera
A drone captures the first-ever close-up of a Great White shark's lethal bite.
VIDEO: Fears for endangered Natterjack toad
Scientists in Scotland are worried about the falling number of Natterjack toads.