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Five facts about pangolins, one of world's most endangered animals
They're among the world's most endangered, and unusual looking, animals. Leaders at a big meeting in South Africa are deciding on how to save pangolins. Here are five facts about them.
Crisis in Africa: Elephants and the ivory trade
Newsround's guide to how the ivory trade is having a devastating impact on the number of elephants in the world.
Surf's pup! Dogs in US surfing contest
Watch dogs of all shapes and sizes compete in the annual "Surf City Surf Dog" competition in California in America.
Young black bear goes on the run in Alaska city
A young black bear was filmed by police in Alaska going on a tour of its largest city, Anchorage.
No you're not seeing things, these sheep are orange but why?
A farmer in Cumbria has made sure his sheep will stand out from the crowd, by dyeing them all orange!
Adorable family of otters caught playing on camera
It's the first outing with their parents for these otter pups, and their adventures have been caught on camera.
Horses 'can communicate with us' by pointing at symbols
Horses have joined a select club of animals that can communicate by pointing to symbols, say scientists.
The woman flying with swans
An animal expert is using a bird-like parachute to fly next to swans.
Demand for flat-faced dogs could damage their health
Vets are warning that demand for flat-faced dogs could actually be harming their health...
Humboldt penguin breaks into family home
Here's what happened when a lost Humboldt penguin on the hunt for food managed to find it's way into a family home in northern Peru.
Oh Deer, you spotted me
This deer was spotted by walker Dave Mott on the shore at Poole Harbour.
What to do if you spot a baby seal on a beach
Here are our top tips for what to do if you spot a seal on its own on a beach (hint: don't put it in the sea!)
Baby cheetah and Labrador puppy pals play together
Emmet the cheetah cub, and his best friend Cullen the puppy have become best friends at a zoo in the USA.
The baby panda's cute attempt to try and roll over
A video of a cute baby panda in China trying to roll over has gone viral online.
Our latest bulletin
Naz has all your top stories this Monday.
Divers tackle Great Barrier Reef starfish threat
An army of divers are taking on one of the biggest threats to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - the 'Crown of Thorns' starfish.
Pictures: Weird animals invading sports events
After hundreds of moths invaded the Euro 2016 final, Newsround looks back at some other animals that have tried to get in on the sporting action.
David Attenborough turns 90 years old
Jenny takes a look back at just some of the highlights of Sir David Attenborough's long career working with animals.

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