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Pictures: London Zoo annual animal weigh-in
ZSL London Zoo have carried out their annual weigh-in of more than 16,000 animals that live there.
VIDEO: Gibraltar to deport cheeky monkeys
Some cheeky monkeys are being deported from Gibraltar after causing quite a stir.
Pictures: Red panda cubs get first health check
Rare twin red panda cubs have been born at Chester Zoo in the UK.
VIDEO: Cat stuck in chimney for 53 days
Yao Yao the cat has had a lucky escape after getting stuck in a chimney for 53 days.
Pictures: Wonderful wildlife photo gallery
Check out these amazing wildlife photos, which have been shortlisted for Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award 2014.
Africa's elephants 'could die out'
Ivory poaching has forced Africa's elephants to a tipping point, where more are being killed each year by poachers than are being born, a study suggests.
Pictures: Cute baby cranes born at Zoo
Two cute little crane chicks have been born at a Zoo.
Watch: River turtle mothers 'talk' to young
Amazon river turtles communicate with their hatchlings and with one another using vocalisations, recordings reveal.
SeaWorld to redesign whale tank
The US tourist attraction SeaWorld is to build a new killer whale enclosure.
Angry cat holds family hostage
Police in San Diego, USA, have rescued a mother and daughter who were trapped in their home by their pet cat.
VIDEO: High-speed salmon cannon revealed
A high-speed salmon cannon that can fire fish upstream has been revealed.
VIDEO: Footy match invaded by cows
A football match in Peru in South America was invaded by cows - check out the video!
Rare turtle hatches at British zoo
One of the world's rarest turtles hatches at Bristol Zoo Gardens.
Panda Tian Tian 'expecting a baby'
Edinburgh Zoo says Tian Tian the panda is probably going to have a baby by the end of the month.
VIDEO: 'Giant' spider photobombs newsreader
A 'giant' spider has tried to steal the limelight of a BBC newsreader by creeping onto camera.
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VIDEO: Shark attacks underwater camera
A drone captures the first-ever close-up of a Great White shark's lethal bite.
Pictures: Rock Hyraxes born in zoo
Four baby Rock Hyraxes have been born in Chester Zoo. They are known as the 'little brothers of the elephant'.
VIDEO: Animals during World War One
Ricky's been finding out about some unusual recruits who did their bit for the war effort too.
Pictures: The biggest animals of past and present
Check out the Newsround gallery of the biggest animals on the planet - past and present.