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Baby rhino meets her dad
See baby rhino Nomvula meet her dad for the first time at Knowsley Safari Park
What do you get when you cross snowboarding with a horse?
Snowboarders in Russia have come up with an clever solution to boarding without hills...
How rhinos use poo to communicate with each other
A new study says that rhinos leave messages in their poo, making the group dung heap like their own message board.
Zoo animals playing in the snow
Check out what these zoo animals got up to when their home closed to the public because of so much snow...
How being rubbed in poo let spy camera blend in
This lifelike robot looks, moves and even smells like a meerkat, all so he can do some amazing secret filming.
He looks and acts like a meerkat but is a secret camera
Filmmakers from Spy in the Wild use robot animals to spy on real animals in the wild.
First sighting of 'sea dragon' in the wild
It might not breathe fire, but the 'ruby sea dragon' fish looks pretty dragon-like, and it's been seen alive for the first time.
Baboons can make sounds similar to humans
The results of a study into the grunts baboons make has found they create five sounds similar to the vowels we use to say words.
Newsround's cheekiest animal thieves!
A sneaky squirrel made headlines for stealing chocolate from a local shop in Canada. Here are some other naughty animals caught in the act!
Walk like a penguin? Doctor's orders
Doctors in Germany have told people to walk like a Penguin to avoid slipping on pavements so we put that theory to the test.
A baby Elephant learns how to walk again
A Baby Elephant whose leg was injured by a trap has learnt to walk again using water therapy.
Giant panda caught playing with snowman
Take a look at this super cute panda from Toronto Zoo taking on a snowman.
Tiger cub comes out to play for first time at Florida zoo
A Malayan Tiger cub makes its first public appearance three months after being born at a zoo in Florida.
Last ever orca show at SeaWorld San Diego
The amusement park will do its final killer whale show this weekend after saying it would no longer breed orcas and would stop making them do tricks.
Five Dippy Dino Facts
After over 100 years in London, Dippy the Diplodocus from the Natural History Museum is going on tour
Our latest bulletin
Ayshah has all your top stories this Monday Afternoon
Elephants and the ivory trade: The crisis in Africa
Newsround's guide to how the ivory trade is having a devastating impact on the number of elephants in the world.
Pictures: Weird animals invading sports events
After hundreds of moths invaded the Euro 2016 final, Newsround looks back at some other animals that have tried to get in on the sporting action.


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