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VIDEO: New record for world's deepest fish
Fish have been filmed more than 8,000 metres down in the Mariana Trench - the deepest place on Earth.
VIDEO: Panda enjoys Christmas cake
Panda Tian Tian enjoys Christmas cake at Edinburgh Zoo. It was baked using recipe from China and adds vital nutrients to the giant panda's natural diet.
Fears for northern white rhino
There are fears for the future of the northern white rhino, which could soon become extinct. There are only five in captivity.
VIDEO: Giant salamander arrives at UK zoo
A Chinese giant salamander called Professor Wu has arrived in the UK at ZSL London Zoo.
VIDEO: The cheetah and dog who are best friends
A cheetah cub called Ruuxa and puppy named Raina have been raised together as friends at a zoo in America.
VIDEO: King penguins flock to the beach
Thousands of king penguins have gathered on an island near Antarctica to raise their babies.
VIDEO: Super survival turtle back in wild
A green sea turtle is back in the wild after surviving being hit by a boat, a crocodile attack, and more than a year in hospital.
VIDEO: Golfer chased by a charging baboon
Watch golfer, Luke Donald dodging a charging baboon during the Nedbank Challenge in South Africa.
VIDEO: Rhino deaths hit record high
Rhino deaths due to poaching hit a record high in South Africa.
VIDEO: Tiger makes epic journey to new home
A tiger has found a new home thanks to a British animal lover who raised thousands of pounds to rehome him.
VIDEO: Bangladesh oil spill threatens wildlife
Efforts are under way to clean up an oil slick threatening part of the world's largest mangrove forest in Bangladesh.
Giant African Snail stopped at airport
A huge snail the size of a human hand has been stopped from entering New Zealand by border officials, who say it could have caused huge environmental damage.
VIDEO: Baby seal numbers on the rise
After the severe weather last year, the number of baby seals born is finally on the increase.
'Spiny balloon' fossil 500m years old
A new fossil discovery, which is thought to be 500 million-years-old, sheds light on what life on Earth was like more than half a billion years ago.
VIDEO: Spider monkey gets a new family
Chantico the spider monkey had a pretty bad start in life, but now things are looking up for her. She's been given a new family - Ayshah went to meet her.
VIDEO: Prince William in wildlife warning
The Duke of Cambridge has made a speech in America, warning about the effect illegal poaching is having on elephants and rhinos.
VIDEO: African penguins close to extinction
They're a favourite attraction at any zoo, but in the wild, African penguins are at risk of extinction. But a project, led by Bristol Zoo, are hoping to change things.
VIDEO: The grime fighting FAT detectives
Every year 'fatbergs' cost water companies millions of pounds to clear. But now there's a detective on the streets who "nose" how to sniff out the problem.
VIDEO: New threat to humpback whales?
Once hunted to near extinction, the humpback whales of the Canadian Pacific are back in larger numbers. But some people say they face new risks.
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Pictures: Underwater photo competition winners
Have a look at these stunning pictures, winners and runners-up in a competition by the British Society of Underwater Photographers.
VIDEO: Watch: Robo-penguin helps bird research
A remote-controlled vehicle disguised as a penguin helps researchers study shy emperor penguins up close.
Why do starlings 'dance' in the sky?
Martin goes starling watching in Brighton to find out why the birds fly together and create mesmerising patterns called 'murmurations' in the sky.
Watch: The leopard raised in a bathroom
A baby leopard called Nimbus has been raised by a family in their bathroom.
VIDEO: Cats - 3 things you might not know!
Are cats more selfish than dogs? Do cats have friends? And should you ever look a cat in the eye? BBC Cat Watch presenter Liz Bonnin gives us the answers...