Super Bowl XXXIII:
Behind the Hype, There's Actually a Game

by Michael Morrison

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You've heard all about the Dirty Bird and the Mile High Salute. You've heard about the strained relationship between Atlanta coach Dan Reeves and Denver coach (Reeves' former assistant) Mike Shanahan. And you've undoubtedly been inundated with opinions from the media, oddsmakers, friends, and relatives. But on Sunday at precisely 6:18 pm (EST), after seven hours of pre-game babble, after the national anthem is sung and the coin is flipped (which will hopefully go without incident), absolutely none of that will matter. The words "microphone", "glitz", "hype", and "spotlight" will be replaced with phrases like "execution", "nickel defense" and "play-action pass." Here's a guide to the "X's and O's" of Super Bowl XXXIII.

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