The Hoax Files: The Truth Isn't Out There

Click on the links below to read about some of the greatest hoaxes in sports, science, art, and the Internet.

Literary Hoaxes  New!
From Misha Defonseca to JT Leroy...  [more]Test your Hoax IQ with the Hoax Quiz
Science Experiments
P.T. Barnum's 10-foot giant, the chess automaton, balloon boy, and a carbon-dated Shroud of Turin...  [more]
E-mail Emergencies
Microsoft pays you, Kurt Vonnegut's faux commencement address, and crumbly cookies from Neiman Marcus...  [more]
The False, False World of Sports
The curious case of Sidd Finch, the Boston Marathon's surprise winner, and Stella the Fella....  [more]
The Art of Deception
Museum-quality forgeries of Matisse, Modigliani, and Marc Chagall...  [more]
Poetic License
Hawking Howard Hughes, Nazi nonsense, and the "Miseducation of Little Tree"...  [more]
Media Myths
The "Felicity" writer who didn't look her age, Orson Welles' infamous "War of the Worlds," and the 50s quiz show catastrophe...  [more]
Can't Sing, Can't Dance
Paul McCartney is not dead, Kurt Cobain is, and Milli Vanilli, well...  [more]
Corporate Shenanigans
Yo Quiero Liberty, yaW ruoY tI evaH, and Driving the Joke Home...  [more]

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