Dramatis Personae

  • King Henry the Sixth
  • Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, his uncle.
  • Cardinal Beaufort, Bishop of Winchester, great-uncle to the King.
  • Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York.

His Sons

  • Edward
  • Richard


  • Duke of Somerset
  • Duke of Suffolk
  • Duke of Buckingham
  • Lord Clifford
  • Young Clifford, his son.
  • Earl of Salisbury
  • Earl of Warwick
  • Lord Scales
  • Lord Say
  • Sir Humphrey Stafford
  • William Stafford, Sir Humphrey Stafford's brother.
  • Sir John Stanley
  • Vaux
  • Matthew Goffe
  • A Sea-captain, Master, and Master's-Mate.
  • Walter Whitmore
  • Two Gentlemen, prisoners with Suffolk.


  • John Hume
  • John Southwell


  • Bolingbroke, a conjurer.
  • Thomas Horner, an armourer.
  • Peter, Thomas Horner's man.
  • Clerk of Chatham.
  • Mayor of Saint Alban's.
  • Simpcox, an impostor.
  • Alexander Iden, a Kentish gentleman.
  • Jack Cade, a rebel.

Followers of Cade.

  • George Bevis
  • John Holland
  • Dick the butcher
  • Smith the weaver
  • Michael
  • &c.


  • Two Murderers
  • Queen Margaret, Queen to King Henry.
  • Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester.
  • Margaret Jourdain, a witch.
  • Wife to Simpcox
  • Lords, Ladies, and Attendants. Petitioners, Aldermen, a Herald, a Beadle, Sheriff, and Officers, Citizens, 'Prentices, Falconers, Guards, Soldiers, Messengers, &c.
  • A Spirit.



2 King Henry VI


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