The Top Ten  December 10 - 17    

Highest Waterfalls of the World

RankNameLocationFeet (height)
1. Angel Canaima Nat’l Park, Venezuela 3,212
2. Tugela Natal Nat’l Park, South Africa 3,110
3. Utigord Norway 2,625
4. Monge Marstein, Norway 2,540
5. Gocta Cataracts Chachapoyas, Peru 2,532
6. Mutarazi Nyanga Nat’l Park, Zimbabwe 2,499
7. Yosemite Yosemite Nat’l Park, California 2,425
8. Espelands Hardanger Fjord, Norway 2,307
9. Lower Mar Valley Eikesdal, Norway 2,151
10. Tyssestrengene Odda, Norway 2,123
Sources: Merriam Webster's Geographical Dictionary, Third Edition (1997), Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest, American Park Network, Geoscience Australia, Canadian Waterfalls The State of Hawaii Data Book 2001.

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