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Pictures: Wildfires rage in California
Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes in northern California after a wildfire burning out of control doubled in size in just 12 hours.
VIDEO: Teacher sets new Eskimo roll record
A PE teacher from Nottingham has set a new world record for doing 30 Eskimo rolls in under a minute.
Prince William replaces Kate on Malta trip
Prince William has replaced his pregnant wife Kate, on an official visit to Malta.
Alex Salmond to step down
Alex Salmond is to step down as first minister of Scotland after voters decisively rejected independence.
Scotland votes 'No' to independence
Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence.
VIDEO: What happened on result night?
Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence. Here's how the historic night unfolded.
VIDEO: What does Scotland's decision mean?
The people of Scotland have voted 'no' to becoming an independent country but there will still be some changes to life in the country.
VIDEO: Greenock - life in a shipbuilding town
The town of Greenock on the west coast of Scotland was world famous for its shipbuilding but what is life like there today?
VIDEO: 'My dad works on a North Sea oil rig'
Ten-year-old Anna from Aberdeen in Scotland talks to Newsround about her dad's job. He's one of thousands of people who work offshore on oil rigs in the North Sea.
VIDEO: Barra - life in the Outer Hebrides
The Isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides is one of Scotland's most remote communities, where around 1,000 people live and its airport runway is on a beach!
VIDEO: Teenagers debate Scotland's future
One week before Scotland votes to decide on independence, teenage first-time voters from around the country travelled to Glasgow to debate Scotland's future.
VIDEO: Newsround in Scotland highlights
The Scottish independence referendum is officially over. Here's a quick reminder of what Newsround got up to in the build-up to this historic vote.
VIDEO: First buyer drops brand new iPhone 6
The first person to buy the iPhone 6 in Perth, Australia, dropped his new gadget during an interview with a TV reporter.
VIDEO: TV weather presenter breaks record
Eli Kari Gjengedal has broken the world record for continuous weather presenting, with 33 hours on screen.
VIDEO: Mexico and US hit by extreme weather
Extreme weather is hitting the south-western United States with a heatwave and a hurricane causing chaos from California to Mexico.
Watch: The colourful cosmos beyond our planet
Twinkling stars and swirling gases - winning colourful visions of the night sky.
British Ebola nurse travels to US
A British nurse who recovered from Ebola travels to the US to donate blood to try to save the life of another victim of the virus.
VIDEO: How to recycle your old footy shirt
The National Football Museum in Manchester wants your old football shirts to help raise money for charity.
Nasa picks astronaut ship designs
The US space agency NASA has picked the companies it hopes can take the country's astronauts back into space - a capability lost when the shuttles retired in 2011.
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Comments: Your thoughts on Scotland result
Scotland votes to stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence. What is your reaction to this decision?
Your questions on Scottish vote answered
On Thursday, people across Scotland vote on whether or not to become an independent country, separate from the UK. Newsround answers your questions.
NR kids quiz Salmond and Darling
Newsround viewers put their questions to the Scottish independence top rivals, Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling.
Pictures: Northern Lights over Northern Ireland
A selection of photos of the Aurora Borealis, which was visible from parts of Northern Ireland on Friday.
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