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Biggest Arctic research expedition planned

Meet the Polarstern, a German research ship with a huge mission.

FA Cup: Sutton's Craig Eastmond and Roarie Deacon on Arsenal, music and breakfast

Non-league Sutton take on Arsenal in the FA Cup on Monday. Players Roarie Deacon and Craig Eastmond talk about how they're preparing for the big game.

Pictures: Dogs dress up for carnival in Rio, Brazil

Dogs put on their best costumes for the Blocao dog carnival in Rio, Brazil.

Thousands of windmills make amazing display in China

Thousands of plastic windmills have been laid out to make an amazing display in China.

Canada hosts ice dragon boat racing contest

Teams of people have been competing in an ice dragon boat contest in Canada.

FA Cup: Sutton kids on why they're not scared of Arsenal!

They're the lowest ranked team left in the FA Cup. Some of the Sutton United's younger players tell us about their club - and why they're not scared of taking on Arsenal in the fifth round.

Yazdan on the Let It Shine final: 'I'm sad it's coming to an end'

Three of the contestants from Let It Shine speak to Newsround about getting through to the final.

Guide: What does famine mean?

A famine has been declared in a part of South Sudan. But what does it mean?

Fake news: What is it? And how to spot it

Have you ever shared news online or talked about it with your friends? If you have, did you stop to think whether or not it was telling the truth before you shared it?

Chile Tomato War: Hundreds in huge tomato throwing battle

Hundreds of people take part in a huge tomato throwing battle in Chile, South America.

Lincoln boss Danny Cowley: 'It feels surreal to be in last eight of FA Cup'

Watch Lincoln manager Danny Cowley on the Newsround sofa talking about his team being the first non-league side to reach the FA Cup quarter-finals in 103 years!

Lincoln youth stars on FA Cup win: 'It was amazing when Raggett scored'

Kids from Lincoln City's Youth Academy tell us their thoughts on the huge result. The non-league side have beaten Premier League rivals Burnley in the FA Cup fifth round.

How VR is helping kids in hospitals overcome their fears

Doctors are using VR to help kids in hospitals overcome their fear of treatments.

Fire engine swallowed by sinkhole in California

Watch the moment a fire truck in California, America, falls into a sinkhole after the road underneath it collapses.

Pictures: 'Weather bomb', worst storm in years, hits California

The US state is hit by one of the worst storms in years, causing chaos with sudden floods and sinkholes.

English Alpine Championships: Future ski stars

It's the last day of the English Alpine Championships. Check out these four young athletes skiing in style.

YouTube to end 30-second adverts you can't skip

The video sharing site confirms it will get rid of 30-second adverts that you can't skip from 2018.

Fans excited for Philip Pullman's new books

Fans of Philip Pullman tell Newsround why they love his books and what they're looking forward to in the new trilogy: The Book of Dust

San Francisco bans sale of non-rescue cats & dogs

San Francisco has joined a list of American cities bringing in a rule telling pet shops they must only sell cats and dogs from rescue centres.

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The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Take a look at some of the strangest stories from the week!

Beauty and the Beast: Send us your drawings

If you had to turn into a household item, as the characters in Beauty and the Beast do, what would you be and why? Send us your drawings!

Terms and conditions explained: What are they all about?

When you sign up to have a social media account, there are often 'terms and conditions' you have to agree to. Ayshah went to find out more about what this means.

Match of the Day Kickabout: Build-Up

Look ahead to the weekend's FA cup matches with Match of the Day Kickabout's build-up.

What is the Dubs Amendment?

The Dubs Amendment is a scheme launched in the UK to help unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to come to live here safely.

FA Cup: Lincoln beat Burnley - five Imps-ressive facts on the win

They've done it! Lincoln City, nicknamed the Imps, have made it to the quarter-finals of the FA Cup for the first time in their history, after beating Burnley 1-0.


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