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Donald Trump becomes US President

Donald Trump is officially the 45th US President after the inauguration ceremony

What happens at the inauguration of the new US President?

Donald Trump will officially become the next President of the United States. Newsround has everything you need to know about this important day.

Donald Trump: Two kids on either side of the Trump divide

Newsround speaks to two US teenagers, one who's a Donald Trump supporter and one who’s not, about their feelings on their new president.

Donald Trump's New York story and how kids feel about him

Donald Trump becomes US president on Friday. Newsround's Leah is in his home city of New York finding out about Trump's childhood and what kids there think of him.

US kids tell puppet Trump what they want from new president

Newsround's Trump puppet is back! He's been finding out what kids in his home city, New York, want from their new president.

Donald Trump: Student impressionist does school announcement

This student from Pennsylvania is top of the class when it comes to impersonating future US president Donald Trump.

Murray and Evans win to progress in the Aussie Open

Andy Murray and Dan Evans win to make it through to the fourth round of the Australian open

Middlesbrough fan gets a visit from his footie hero

Check out this footie fan who wrote to his Middlesbrough FC hero - he wasn't expecting a reply in person!

Freeze-bee just keeps on rolling!!

Check out this amazing video of a frisbee with a life of its own on a frozen lake in the US.

UK kids tell us their messages for Donald Trump

We asked some UK kids what their message would be for the new US president Donald Trump, here's what they said...

Who are the top Trumps?

Many people will be supporting Donald Trump as he officially becomes the next president of the United States, including members of his family.

Why kids in Pennsylvania like Donald Trump

Children in the state of Pennsylvania, which voted for Donald Trump, tell Newsround why they like him ahead of his presidential inauguration.

Who will perform at Donald Trump's inauguration?

Today marks the day Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States, but who will be performing at the event?

Ants can navigate using the sun and their memories

Scientists have discovered that ants use the position of the sun and memories of their surroundings to find their way home.

Watch Newsround

Leah has all your top stories this Friday

Brexit: What do the words all mean?!

You may hear a lot of people talking about Brexit and what's happening with the European Union. Check out Newsround's quick guide to what all of these words mean.

The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Watch Newsround's round-up of the week's weirdest news stories in Strange, Stranger, Strangest.

Guide: What is anxiety?

Newsround spoke to mental health charity Mind to find out more about anxiety and what you can do if you're worried you might be experiencing it.

Guide: What is depression?

Newsround spoke to mental health charity Mind to find out more about depression and what you can do if you're worried you might be experiencing it.

Brexit: What is Theresa May's plan?

The UK prime minister gave an important speech this morning about the UK leaving the EU. Newsround takes a look at what she said.

Brexit: what happens next?

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. Newsround explains what has been happening since the vote - and looks at what could happen next.


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