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VIDEO: Two stories from Holocaust survivors
Ricky reports on what happened during the Holocaust, and hears stories from two people who managed to survive through it.
Blizzards shut down parts of USA
New York City and other areas in the north-east US have shut down ahead of a snowstorm that could dump as much as 76cm of snow.
VIDEO: Splashdown as plane runs out of fuel
Dramatic footage has been released of the moment a pilot, whose plane was running out of fuel, survived ditching in the ocean off Hawaii on Sunday.
First female bishop made official
The Church of England has consecrated its first female bishop, the Reverend Libby Lane, in a ceremony at York Minster.
VIDEO: The man who ate ants to survive
A British man survived eight nights trapped on a mountain in Turkey, eating insects and drinking spring water.
VIDEO: Timelapse film of volcano eruption
This amazing timelapse footage shows the Colima volcano in Mexico erupting.
VIDEO: Man turns his room into ball pool
A student in America has found a solution to help him get out of bed - turning his room into a ball pool!
VIDEO: Cop's Taylor Swift mime goes viral
A video of an American policeman lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off has gone viral.
VIDEO: Man walks 1,200 miles for peace with ball on head
A man in Mexico has completed a 57 day walk with a football balanced on his head.
Pictures: Nasa reveal incredible space pics
Take a look at these incredible space pictures from Nasa to celebrate the UN's International Year of Light.
Asteroid to fly close by Earth
An asteroid which is on course to fly past Earth on Monday may be visible using binoculars.
VIDEO: Australian boy's new home after bushfire
12-year-old Cameron Orton's home was totally destroyed by wildfires in Australia last year. Newsround went back to meet him.
VIDEO: Ancient underwater forest found off UK
New footage reveals a 'lost world' after the discovery of an amazing underwater forest thousands of years old underneath the sea off eastern England.
VIDEO: Pluto probe prepares to take pictures
A space probe is about to start photographing Pluto, after a nine year journey to the dwarf planet.
VIDEO: Ebola nurse makes full recovery
Nurse Pauline Cafferkey says she is "very happy to be alive" after making a full recovery from Ebola.
VIDEO: Should spelling be made easier?
The English Spelling Society, a group that wants to improve literacy, had made a list of ideas that could make spelling easier.
VIDEO: The world's oldest primary pupil?
Ninety-year-old Kenyan great-grandmother Priscilla Sitienei could be the world's oldest primary pupil. She wants to inspire kids, especially girls, to get an education.
VIDEO: Tutankhamun's beard glued back on
Egyptian officials look into reports that Tutankhamun's beard was quickly glued back on after the priceless burial mask was damaged.
VIDEO: 'Biggest' Italy treasure trove found
Italian police have uncovered what they say is a treasure trove of more than 5,000 stolen pieces.
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Pictures: Upside-down iceberg like blue glass
Icebergs appear white as they're covered with snow. But photographer Alex Cornell managed to photograph the underside of one - and it looks like blue glass.
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