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Watch: Investigation into power station fire
An investigation has started to find out how a massive fire started at a power station in Oxfordshire.
VIDEO: Avalanche survivor talks of escape
A British man who survived an avalanche in Nepal has been talking about how he escaped.
William and Kate's baby due in April
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second baby is due in April, Kensington Palace have announced.
"More child poverty in the future"
A report out today says 1.4 million children in the UK are affected by poverty.
Watch: Charity trying to raise awareness of Ebola
Nigeria is expected to be declared free from Ebola after more than six weeks without any new cases.
VIDEO: Robot dragon versus giant spider
A giant spider and a huge dragon have faced one another in battle at Beijing's Olympic Park.
Comet whizzes past Mars
Scientists got a close up view of a comet when it made a dramatic journey past Mars.
Hurricane Gonzalo clear up in Bermuda
The clear up begins after a massive storm hit Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean
Nearly 400 rescued in Himalayas
Search teams rescue nearly 400 trekkers in total after a deadly storm hit a popular Himalayan trekking route.
Watch: Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda
A massive storm has hit Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, with winds of about 185km per hour.
VIDEO: The umbrella made of air
A company has created an umbrella that uses an air 'force field' to protect you from the rain.
VIDEO: North Korean leader reappears
More than five weeks after disappearing from the public eye North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is spotted again.
VIDEO: The ship helping to fight Ebola
Take a look around the massive Navy ship that's preparing to help the fight against Ebola in West Africa.
Mysterious US spaceplane returns
An unmanned US plane on a secretive, two-year mission to space has returned to Earth and landed in California.
Death Star moon is 'wonky or watery'
New photos, taken by Nasa, of one of Saturn's moon's suggest it's wobbly.
VIDEO: China blocking TV reports about Hong Kong
The BBC World news channel is blacked out in China. For years China has tried to limit access to foreign TV and websites.
Guide: Who is Kim Jong-un?
Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea. He became leader when his father Kim Jong-il died in December 2011.
VIDEO: Drone racing Star Wars-style
A new sport of Star Wars-style drone racing is taking off in the French Alps.
VIDEO: What help is Africa getting to stop Ebola?
A British Military ship, RFA Argus, is being sent to help people treating those with Ebola in Africa. But what else is being done to stop the virus spreading there.
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