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'Oh really, please': Queen's hilarious response to President Obama

Watch this hilarious video showing the Queen and Prince Harry responding to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle's challenge ahead of the Invictus Games.

Leicester turns blue in support of hometown Foxes

Landmarks, fans and even sausages are turning blue in Leicester as its football team get closer to winning the Premier League title.

Inventor Colin Furze makes amazing homemade hoverbike

We check out the hoverbike created in inventor Colin Furze's garden shed - and some other amazing flying machines.

Kids help Tim Peake with space experiment

UK schools are helping astronaut Tim Peake to find out if being in space affects how seeds grow.

Leicester City fans' top five facts about the Foxes

Children in Leicester share their top five facts about the Foxes, who are riding high at the top of the Premier League.

Football fans in Leicester fans prepare for a big weekend

Football fans in Leicester fans prepare for a big weekend - can they secure their position at Old Trafford?

Peta the Koala is on the mend after an accident

Watch this video of a cute koala who's had special help to get better after an accident.

Tim Peake tackles tricky rover experiment

The British astronaut controls a rover on Earth while being 250 miles away on the International Space Station.

The mind-controlled drone race in the US

Sixteen competitors at the University of Florida in the US battle it out in the first ever drone race, by brain.

12-year-old US girl runs half marathon by mistake

A 12-year-old girl accidentally completes a half marathon after joining the wrong race in America.

Minecraft goes virtual reality on Samsung's Gear VR

Gaming fans can now play the block-building game in virtual reality - but only with a Samsung Gear VR headset.

Pictures: Children's Hillsborough tributes at Liverpool vigil

Children and teenagers in Liverpool tell us why they've come to pay tribute to the 96 football fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster.

'It affected everyone': Merseyside pupils react to Hillsborough decisions

An inquest into the Hillsborough football disaster has found that the deaths of 96 people were not just an accident. Students in Merseyside give us their reactions.

'Bald' lamb born with no wool given fluffy fleece

Skippy the lamb, born without its own wool coat, is being kept warm in a borrowed fluffy fleece.

Is snow in April unusual?

This week lots of areas of the UK have been surprised by flurries of snow and hail, and wintry weather, but weather experts say that it's not that unusual.

How to train a search and rescue dog

Find out more about the tough training rescue dogs have to go through to help in disaster zones, like last year's Nepal earthquake.

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Guide: What was the Hillsborough disaster?

Newsround looks into the Hillsborough disaster: what it was and why it is still important today.

Advice if you're upset by the news

What to do if you are upset by the news - advice for kids.

Match of the Day Kickabout: Premier League Build-up

Watch a roundup of the big fixtures for the weekend with Match of the Day Kickabout's Build-up.

What Leicester need to do to win the Premier League

Leicester are one step closer to the Premier League title after thrashing Swansea 4-0. We've done the maths to work out what they need to do to win.

The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Here's the week's weirdest news stories in Strange, Stranger, Strangest.

China's left-behind children

Sixty-one million kids live apart from their parents in China. We meet one boy to find out what it's like to be one of these "left-behind" children.

Meet the reporters

Find out more about Newsround reporter Martin Dougan.

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