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VIDEO: How does a driverless car work?
Driverless cars could soon be a regular feature on British roads.
VIDEO: Fiji decide to remove Union Flag
One of the countries which still has the Union flag is Fiji, an island in the Pacific Ocean, but not for much longer.
VIDEO: Treasure hunter finds amazing haul
A treasure hunter from Buckinghamshire has found the treasure haul of a lifetime buried in the ground.
VIDEO: Demolition blast fails to destroy lift
A lift shaft survives an implosion designed to flatten a hotel in Las Vegas, USA
VIDEO: Boston covered by thick blanket of snow
As residents and emergency teams in Boston, USA, struggle to deal with 60cm of fresh snow, the roofs of some buildings have collapsed under its weight.
VIDEO: Rare Ferrari sells for 10 million
A rare Ferrari sports car is sold for a whopping 10 million at an auction.
Paintings made into Minecraft worlds
The Tate art gallery has teamed up with Minecraft to create worlds based on famous works of art.
VIDEO: The world's oldest primary pupil?
Ninety-year-old Kenyan great-grandmother Priscilla Sitienei could be the world's oldest primary pupil. She wants to inspire kids, especially girls, to get an education.
VIDEO: Record-breaking balloonists land in sea
Two pilots in a helium balloon complete their Pacific crossing with a sea-landing off Mexico, setting two new records on a six-day trip.
VIDEO: Gigantic 'fatberg' discovered in Wales
A gigantic 'fatberg' has been discovered deep down in the drains underneath the Welsh capital, Cardiff.
VIDEO: Heart of Earth's inner core revealed
Scientists say they have discovered more about what lies at the very centre of the Earth.
VIDEO: Nasa reveals far side of the Moon
Using nearly five-years worth of data, Nasa has to provided a view of the moon from the side the cannot be seen from earth.
VIDEO: Drones serving food in Singapore
Could flying waiter drones be the answer to a shortage of restaurant staff in food-crazy Singapore? One company thinks its the best idea.
VIDEO: New robot fireman created
The US navy has invented a robotic fire-fighter.
VIDEO: Sea of clouds at the Grand Canyon
A rare weather phenomenon has caused the Grand Canyon to fill up with clouds.
VIDEO: Twin waterspouts whirl in Italy
Two waterspouts formed just off the coast of Italy. Take a look at the incredible footage.
VIDEO: Cop's Taylor Swift mime goes viral
A video of an American policeman lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's Shake It Off has gone viral.
Daffodils 'mistaken for vegetables'
Shops and supermarkets are being asked to keep daffodils away from fruit and vegetables - in case people get them confused.
VIDEO: Northern Lights touching sunrise
US space agency Nasa release a stunning clip showing the Northern Lights touching sunrise over Earth.
Why using smiley faces could cost you
Using emoticons in text messages could cost you lots of money without you realising.
This is priciest artwork ever sold
This painting of two girls from Tahiti, called Nafea Faa Ipoipo, is sold for 197 million - making it the most expensive artwork ever.
VIDEO: CBBC star speaks about dementia
Dick & Dom's Richard speaks to Josh, the star of a new CBBC My Life special about dementia.
VIDEO: The exact moment stars were created
For the very first time scientists have worked out the exact moment when stars were first created. Watch Leah's report on this incredible discovery...
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