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VIDEO: Waterfall blown backwards by wind
The Kinder Downfall waterfall is blown backwards by powerful winds, as trekkers look on in surprise.
Comments: Do you know your family history?
October is Black History month and many children across the UK are using the opportunity to learn about their own families.
VIDEO: DNA reveals secrets of early humans
DNA analysis of a 45,000-year-old human has helped scientists learn more about very early humans.
Photobomb added to dictionary
Photobomb, selfie and onesie are just some of the words that have been added to the new print edition of the Collins English dictionary.
Pictures: Sculptures by the sea
The coastline of Sydney in Australia has been transformed for the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.
VIDEO: Visit to space weather centre
Martin has been to visit a new weather centre which monitors storms in space.
Should schools make you brush your teeth?
Some primary schools and nurseries in England should supervise children brushing their teeth, say health organisation NICE.
VIDEO: Gonzalo gives planes a wobble as they land
Windy weather made it tricky for pilots landing at Manchester Airport, with planes wobbling as they came in to touch down.
Watch: Pistorius sentenced to five years
Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend.
VIDEO: Mini ships made entirely out of chocolate
A man has created 24 mini ships made entirely out of chocolate.
VIDEO: Women break skydiving world record
117 women in California have broken two world records in formation skydiving.
VIDEO: Avalanche survivor talks of escape
A British man who survived an avalanche in Nepal has been talking about how he escaped.
Watch: Charity trying to raise awareness of Ebola
Nigeria is expected to be declared free from Ebola after more than six weeks without any new cases.
Watch: Paralysed man can walk again
A paralysed man can walk again after a new therapy transplanted cells from his nose into his damaged spinal cord.
Watch: Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda
A massive storm has hit Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, with winds of about 185km per hour.
Watch: Remnants of Gonzalo hit Britain
Many parts of the UK have been affected by gales and heavy rain as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo hit Britain.
New Banksy mural appears in Bristol
A new mural by street artist Banksy, a version of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, is painted on a wall in his home city of Bristol.
VIDEO: Injecting garlic to help trees
A group of scientists have been testing out a new vaccine using garlic, to help stop the spread of disease in trees.
VIDEO: The umbrella made of air
A company has created an umbrella that uses an air 'force field' to protect you from the rain.
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