World News Headlines for Kids

From BBC News

Thousands continue Hong Kong protests
Thousands continue pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong. Student demonstrators vow to step up their protests if Chief Executive CY Leung does not resign.
New 3D-printed hand for 5 year old
A 5 year old girl has been given a new prosthetic hand made using 3D printing technology.
First Ebola case diagnosed in the US
A man who travelled from Liberia nearly two weeks ago is the first confirmed case of the deadly Ebola virus diagnosed on American soil.
RAF jets strike first IS targets
RAF jets attack two Islamic State targets in Iraq - the first strikes since Parliament approved military action on Friday.
VIDEO: Students travel by robotic sofa
A team of engineering students from the University of New South Wales in Australia has created a robotic sofa to travel around campus.
Floods hit south of France
Storms leave the city of Montpellier under water after record-breaking rainfall.
World wildlife halves in 40 years
A new report by top animal charities says the global loss of wildlife populations is even worse than previously thought.
Watch: The face inside a rare precious gem
Jewellery designer Wallace Chan puts the face of Greek goddess inside a rare precious sapphire using laser technology. The reflection and light makes it look like there are four faces.
World record broken for most memorabilia
Harry Potter fan in Mexico breaks record for most memorabilia. The 37 year old lawyer has 3097 pieces, including clothes and toys.
VIDEO: Is this the kitchen of the future?
Belgian designer Xavier Bonte has built a pod that he believes could be the kitchen of the future.
VIDEO: Brownies sleep over safari at zoo
Thousands of brave Brownies slept over at Chester Zoo this weekend. It was all part of a celebration to mark the Brownies 100th birthday.
Pictures: The world's last tribes
Take a look at these amazing pictures of some of the world's last surviving tribes.
VIDEO: Newsround in Scotland highlights
The Scottish independence referendum is officially over. Here's a quick reminder of what Newsround got up to in the build-up to this historic vote.
Driest September in UK since 1910
The UK is on course for its driest September since records began more than a century ago. The Met Office says it was also one of the warmest too.
Comments: Mixed or single-sex schools?
The head of Ofsted, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has said boys and girls do better when they learn together, rather than in single-sex schools. What do you think?
Japan volcano - rescue search on hold
A recue operation on Japan's Mount Ontake after Saturday's eruption has been put on hold because of dangerous conditions.
Watch: Date set for Rosetta comet landing
Europe's daring attempt to put a small robot on the surface of Comet 67P will take place on Wednesday 12 November.
VIDEO: Work begins on flood prevention
Work has begun to try and stop the effects of flooding in parts of Somerset in south-west England.
Comments: What's your dream job?
Yelena Serova is the first Russian woman sent to space in 17 years. She says it is her dream job but we want to know what yours is.
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Comments: What makes your grandparents great?
It's UK Older People's Day so we want to know what makes your Granny or Granddad so brilliant.
VIDEO: Top tips for healthy teeth
Dentist Ben Atkins explains how to look after your teeth.
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