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Saturn gives birth to 'new moon'
Scientists believe they have discovered what could be the birth of a new moon in the rings of Saturn.
VIDEO: How to get a car up a skycraper
A car had to be cut into six pieces so it could go on display at the top of the Empire State Building.
Watch: The mystery of new Banksy artwork
A new artwork made by Banksy has caused a stir after being found on a wall in Bristol.
Chicken and beef found in some lamb takeaways
Food regulators are launching a crackdown after finding some takeaways were selling lamb dishes that actually contained beef and chicken.
Books targeting boys and girls separately 'wrong'
The Children's Laureate, Malorie Blackman, says books that target boys and girls separately are wrong because they exclude half the population.
Big website suffers from 'Heartbleed'
A major UK website has had data stolen by hackers taking advantage of the 'Heartbleed' bug. But what is it and why is it a big deal?
Duke and Duchess arrive in Australia
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with Prince George, have arrived in Australia for the second part of their tour down under.
More UK beaches than ever classed as 'excellent'
A record number of beaches in the UK have 'excellent' water quality, according to the Marine Conservation Society. But how do they find out how clean the water is at your local beach?
Glow in the dark road markings
Glow in the dark road markings have been unveiled on a highway in the Netherlands.
Obama asks Putin to help stop Ukraine protests
American leader Barack Obama has phoned Russian president Vladimir Putin to urge him to help stop protesters in eastern Ukraine.
Watch: Royals visit Christchurch
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have visited the city hit by an earthquake in 2011, on the eighth day of their royal tour of New Zealand.
VIDEO: Watch: Unusual punishment for US 'bully'
A judge in the US has ordered a man to appear in public holding a sign that reads: "I am a bully" as a punishment.
Thousands flee forest fire in Chile
A large forest fire has destroyed more than 150 homes in the Chilean port city of Valparaiso, forcing thousands to flee.
Pictures: Amazing solar-powered things
A solar plane that will try to fly around the world has been unveiled, so we take a look at some other amazing things that can run on energy from the Sun.
VIDEO: Solar plane aims to fly the world
A solar plane built for an ambitious mission to fly around the world powered only by the Sun has been unveiled.
Surviving the Typhoon
Leah's been to the Philippines to find out how children there are coping following one of the most powerful storms ever, Typhoon Haiyan.
Pictures: The children affected by Typhoon Haiyan
Newsround presenter Leah has visited the Philippines to meet children affected by Typhoon Haiyan and see how they are rebuilding their lives.
VIDEO: Leah takes a tour around HMS Daring
Leah takes a look around HMS Daring, the Royal Navy ship posted to the Philippines to help the islands in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
VIDEO: Giant vending machine for villagers
In some rural areas you can be a long way from your local store so one inventor has tried to solve that problem, with a giant vending machine.
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Guide: How deep missing plane could be
Teams searching for the missing plane MH370 are to use a special robotic submarine to search areas of the bottom of the Southern Indian Ocean - because it's so far down.
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Guide: Who is the House of Commons Speaker?
Read Newsround's guide to the Speaker of the House of Commons - about their role, how they're chosen and the history of the job.
Guide: Who is Banksy?
New artwork thought to be by Banksy has appeared in Bristol and Cheltenham recently. But who is Banksy and why is he such a mystery?
Guide: How do you search for a black box?
What is a black box, and how rescue teams are looking for the ones belonging to Flight MH370.