World News Headlines for Kids

From BBC News

Driverless cars headed for UK roads
The UK government says it plans to allow driverless cars on public roads in January, and asks three cities to compete to host special trials.
Pictures: Amazing human tower competition
A centuries-old tradition in Spain sees people stack themselves on top of one another, to create incredible human towers, known as castells.
VIDEO: Huge water leak splits road in LA
A burst water main on Los Angeles' famous Sunset Boulevard has caused flooding at the University of California.
Argument over Australia mine plans
Australia has approved a massive underground coal mine which environmentalists say could damage the Great Barrier Reef.
VIDEO: Syrian children, life in a war zone
The BBC looks at the impact of the war in Syria on the children living there.
Watch: Ayshah hunts for Lego lost at sea
Ayshah goes on the hunt for Lego pieces lost at sea nearly twenty years ago.
Watch: How do you greet your friends?
Researchers at Aberystwyth University say fist bumping is the most hygienic greeting. We want to know how you greet your friends.
VIDEO: Extreme summer weather conditions
Many people have been affected by the bad weather that has hit parts of the country.
California hit by raging wildfires
Two fast-moving fires in California destroy 10 homes and force the evacuation of hundreds more.
VIDEO: Role of oil in Scottish referendum
With the vote on Scottish independence on September 18 we look at how the oil industry could affect the outcome.
VIDEO: Massive power station towers demolished
Three disused cooling towers at Didcot A Power Station have been demolished using more than 180kg of explosives.
Pictures: Giant WW1 puppet procession in Liverpool
Thousands of people have lined Liverpool's streets to welcome three giant marionette puppets, which tell the story of Liverpool during World War One.
Watch: Leaders argue over crashed plane
A big argument is going on between the most powerful leaders in the world, after a passenger plane crashed over Ukraine last week.
VIDEO: Liverpool crowds greet giant puppets
Thousands of people have lined Liverpool's streets to welcome three giant marionettes, which will tell the story of the city during World War One.
VIDEO: Glasgow kids tell us about their city
Glasgow is hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games - we asked kids there about why they love their city
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VIDEO: More disabled access needed - Kieran
Kieran is 15 and has cerebral palsy - which means he has to use a wheelchair. But in the small town of Wick in Scotland, getting around isn't easy for him.
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