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VIDEO: Disabled football fans want change

Only five out of the 20 clubs in the Premier League have the number of wheelchair spaces in their stadiums that they're supposed to. Ricky's been finding out some of your stories...

Who won the Great British Bake Off?

The winner of the sixth series of the Great British Bake Off has been announced. Beware - spoiler alert...

Mr Men cheat in rugby match

The Mr Men take up rugby in their new book - but unlike the players in the World Cup, they're breaking all the rules to make sure they win...

VIDEO: GBBO's Nadiya an 'inspiration' to girls

Nadiya is through to the final of Great British Bake Off. She's one of the few women on TV who wears the Hijab. Newsround went to meet young Muslim girls in Manchester to see what they think.

VIDEO: Spectacular Northern Lights timelapse

A timelapse video shows the Northern Lights over the Brecon Beacons in Wales.

VIDEO: Astronauts learn to juggle in space

Watch scientists on the International Space Station practise their circus skills in zero gravity.

Woolly mammoth discovered by farmer

Bones from an ancient woolly mammoth have been found deep underground on a farm in Michigan in America.

VIDEO: What it's like behind the scenes at GBBO

It's the grand final of the Great British Bake Off and someone who knows the pressure the bakers will be under is last year's finalist Luis Troyano. We sent Ricky to meet him.

VIDEO: Kids hold their own Bake Off 'final'

Newsround's very own Mary Berry, Martin Dougan, has been to meet a group of school kids holding their very own Great British Bake Off final - so who did he crown the winner?

VIDEO: Dazzling balloons fill US skies

The 44th annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is under way, with thousands of visitors expected.

VIDEO: World's first 'glowing' turtle found

The world's first known glow-in-the-dark reptile, a hawksbill turtle, has been spotted near the Solomon Islands.

VIDEO: App makes pictures come to life

A new augmented reality app lets you colour-in characters that pop out of the page.

VIDEO: Whales play under the Northern Lights

A pod of whales have been filmed playing under the Northern Lights, off the coast of Tromso in Norway.

VIDEO: Tiny dog scares away three bears

Jewel the French Bulldog may be on the small side, but that didn't stop her scaring off three bears that entered her owner's garden in California, US.

VIDEO: Are there more spiders this autumn?

According to experts, we can expect to see more spiders in our homes than usual this autumn. Jenny went to visit one family to investigate.

VIDEO: Smog closes schools in Malaysia

Schools in Malaysia have been closed for two days because the government says there's too much pollution in the air.

VIDEO: Watch Newsround

Ricky has Thursday's top stories

Did you see the Northern Lights?

The Northern Lights have been visible over parts of the UK and we want to know if you were lucky enough to see them?

Great British Bake Off: Top five bakes

The Great British Bake Off final is nearly here! Before we find out the winner, we pick this year's top five bakes.

VIDEO: The week's weirdest news stories

Here are the week's weirdest news stories in Strange, Stranger, Strangest.

VIDEO: Brothers and sisters: send us your videos

We need your videos for a Newsround Special about what it's like to grow up as a brothers or a sister.

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