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Chat: What would you take to the Moon on holiday?

Two tourists have paid a lot of money to be flown around the Moon next year. So we want to know what you would pack for the very long journey to space.

SpaceX to fly two tourists around the Moon in 2018

The US rocket company SpaceX says it will fly two people around the Moon. The customers have already paid for the flight planned for late 2018.

Pictures: Earliest Iron Age gold jewellery ever found discovered

Gold jewellery, including the earliest examples of Iron Age gold, have been found in a field in England.

JoJo Siwa explains why she likes to wear giant bows

Have you or your friends been wearing massive colourful bows in your hair? It's definitely a thing, but what is it all about and where has it come from?

Five to Five: Newsround meets 'Let It Shine' winning band

Martin went to meet the winners of BBC show 'Let It Shine', Five to Five, to talk about their singing success.

Five fun facts about Let It Shine winners Five To Five

Find out five facts about the winners of singing show Let It Shine.

Pictures: Leicester stun Liverpool in first game after Ranieri sacking

Leicester produced a superb display to beat Liverpool and move out of the bottom three in their first game since the sacking of Claudio Ranieri.

Chile floods: Millions without water in capital Santiago

Rain and floods pollute a major river and leave four million people without water in the capital city of Chile, South America.

From Syria to Sweden: One boy's journey

Jenny meets 10-year-old Kava who, like thousands of children from Syria, has travelled to a new country in Europe to escape war.

Oscar Oops! Confusion as wrong winner announced

Watch the moment when La La Land producer realised Moonlight had actually won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Sea ice: What is it and why are people talking about it?

You might have heard stories in the news about sea ice. But what even is it? And why is it an issue at the moment?

Pictures: Five fantastic reactions to Oscar mix-up

Newsround takes a look at the best reactions to the wrong film being given the top award at the Oscars.

English bulldogs on the march in Mexico City

Have a look at our pant-tastic video as a march of English bulldogs took over Mexico City to try to set a world record.

Tuatara: reptile species that's older than dinosaurs hatches at Chester Zoo

Watch this 225 million-year-old species of reptile break free into the world.

Pictures: Chaos and celebrations at Oscars ceremony 2017

A look at the big winners and on-stage drama at the 89th Academy Awards in Los Angeles, USA.

Watch Newsround

Catch up with the latest Newsround on CBBC.

How to make a perfect pancake

It's Shrove Tuesday so many of you are sure to be tucking into pancakes later. Find out how to make the perfect pancake here...

Match of the Day Kickabout: Round-Up

Catch up on the weekend's football results with Match of the Day Kickabout's round-up.

What's happening in Syria?

How did all the trouble start in Syria and what has happened since?

What is the Dubs Amendment?

The Dubs Amendment is a scheme launched in the UK to help unaccompanied refugee children in Europe to come to live here safely.

The week's weirdest news stories: Strange, Stranger, Strangest

Take a look at some of the strangest stories from the week!

Fake news: What is it? And how to spot it

Have you ever shared news online or talked about it with your friends? If you have, did you stop to think whether or not it was telling the truth before you shared it?


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