World News Headlines for Kids

From BBC News

VIDEO: Flood fears in US as snowfall eases
After weeks of bad weather, snowfall in the US is starting to decrease but authorities are warning that the emergency is not over yet.
VIDEO: The space mission sending your stuff to the moon
A group of space scientists want to send a robotic probe up to the South Pole of the moon in 2024.
VIDEO: The monster trucks replacing humans
Driverless monster trucks are being used for mining in some parts of Australia.
VIDEO: 100-year-old sees ocean for first time
A 100-year-old lady in the US has seen the ocean for the first time in her life.
NHS staff fly to West Africa to help treat Ebola
The first group of NHS nurses and doctors, who have volunteered to help look after people with Ebola in West Africa, leave for Sierra Leone today.
VIDEO: Watch: 6,000 flights over UK in 24 hours
An amazing time lapse video has been released that shows how 6,000 planes come in and out of UK airspace each day.
Syrian kids tell us about their lives
Syrian kids talk about their hopes and aspirations and their lives before the war.
VIDEO: Driverless cars compete in race
China has been holding its sixth driverless car competition, with the unmanned vehicles having to navigate their way through various obstacles.
Probe sends pictures from comet
Scientists say the Philae probe bounced across the surface of a comet when it landed.
VIDEO: Making music with Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi could soon be making music lessons more high-tech.
VIDEO: Anti-bullying ideas given to minister
We sent Newsround reporter Martin down to London with viewers Emily and Libby to give some of your ideas to the man in charge of schools, Nick Gibb MP.
VIDEO: School rewrites Frozen to beat bullies
A school in West Yorkshire has changed the words of Let It Go from Frozen to help beat bullying.
VIDEO: UKIP wins second local vote
The UK Independence Party (UKIP) will be celebrating today after another one of its members was elected into parliament.
VIDEO: Two young carers chat to Hayley
Young carers chat to Hayley about their lives and how money from Children in Need has helped them.
VIDEO: Call for world plan to prevent drowning
Not enough children around the world know how to swim or stay safe in the water according to a recent report.
VIDEO: The amazing 310mph levitating train
Train fans have experienced the speed of super-fast maglev trains, during test runs for members of the public in central Japan.
Probe makes historic comet landing
European robot probe Philae has made the first, historic landing on a comet, scientists say, after descending from its mothership, Rosetta.
US warned - more storms to come
Another metre of snow is expected to fall on parts of north-eastern America, after the massive snowstorm that's already dumped up to 1.5 metres of snow.
Poo-powered bus hits road
Check out this new form of poo-blic transport! Britain's first bus powered entirely by poo and food waste has hit the road.
Pictures: Huge snowstorm hits America
A massive snowstorm hits parts of north-eastern America, leaving some areas under 1.5 metres of snow.
VIDEO: Stunt biker does loop-the-loop
Stunt biker Danny MacAskill performs a loop-the-loop on a floating barge on the River Thames in London.
New SNP leader hopes to inspire girls
Scotland's new First Minister says she hopes to inspire girls everywhere after becoming the country's first female leader.
VIDEO: British plan to land on the moon
Members of the public are being asked to give money to fund a British plan to land a probe on the moon.
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