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  • This week's theme: 2000 Year in Review

    1. * The recounts of Election 2000 made Americans (and the rest of the world) aware that this word wasn't just a country!
    5. * The hottest author on the planet in the year 2000
    13. * The ___ was on for the next President of the United States of America, in 2000 --the year which marked the closest election in American history, so close that votes needed to recounted ...again, and again... (See #1A for a Related Clue!)
    14. * Word that appeared in headlines regarding Ford and Bridgestone/Firestone, in the year 2000
    15. Graven image
    16. Small scrap of food
    17. Harvests
    18. Emperor of Rome
    19. * In the year 2000, this city was in the world spotlight because of Elian Gonzalez
    22. Mr. Corbusier
    23. Type of proposition
    25. * In the year 2000, Richard Hatch won it on "Survivor" (TV)
    28. It expresses position
    29. Convent prayer
    31. Letters sometimes seen in TV listings
    32. The 12th letter of the Greek alphabet
    33. Baseball org.
    34. Bread classic
    35. Chum
    36. Entertainment magazine
    38. Simpson Trial judge
    41. * A discovery of a ___ fossil was revealed to the world in the year 2000
    46. * Mr. Gibson starred in this movie of 2000: "What Women Want"
    47. "Really?"
    48. Abbr. sometimes seen with a telephone number
    49. Paddles, minus the "rs"
    50. Acronym sometimes seen at the start of news stories
    51. Some Thing
    53. Certain clergyman, for short
    54. Mythical bird
    55. Newspaper promo
    56. * In the year 2000, this celebrity announced she would be getting divorced from her husband after just 16 months of marriage
    60. * The year 2000's most famous bride
    62. He (Initials) was the leader of Black Sabbath
    63. * Bruce Willis won in the Favorite Motion Picture Star in a Drama category for his work in this movie, at the 2000 Peoples Choice Awards: "The ___ Sense"
    65. Fit of the chills
    66. * Pondered in English Class: "___ the seventh letter of the alphabet?"
    68. Comparative suffix
    70. Canadian insurrectionist
    71. Heard in Popular Music class: "Bernie Taupin was the lyricist for Elton John's music, just ___ Gershwin was the lyricist on George Gershwin's music."
    72. * In 2000, he married Jennifer in a much publicized ceremony
    73. * In 2000, he replaced Milosevic as the President of Yugoslavia
    74. * She married Hollywood star Michael Douglas in the Fall of 2000: Catherine ___ Jones


    1. Mr. Magnon Man
    2. Scathe
    3. Director's command
    4. French novelist: Simone ___ Beauvoir
    5. Chinese novelist: Zhang ___
    6. Jazzy singer-pianist: Diana ___
    7. Beat Back
    8. City of southern Netherlands
    9. Quality fabric
    10. The same as
    11. * In the year 2000, the United States granted China this: Permanent ___ Trade Relations
    12. Triumph
    14. * In the year 2000, this First Minister of the coalition government of Northern Ireland pushed for the Sinn Fein (the political wing of the Irish Republican Army) to disarm
    20. Indefinite article
    21. * In the year 2000, this heavy metal rock band sued Napster (the online song swapping site) for allowing the swapping of the band's music files without paying out royalties in return
    23. * In the year 2000, DNA testing revealed that a heart preserved in a cryptal vase in the Royal Chapel in the Cathedral of St. Denis belonged to this person, contrary to the popular belief of the last two centuries
    24. * For two weeks in September, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games managed to ___ the countries of the World
    26. Des Moines is the capital here, for short
    27. John Lennon song: "___ a Loser"
    30. ET's craft
    33. The fragrance by Cacharel
    35. Before, briefly
    36. "Yuck!"
    37. Hinton the Novelist
    39. Explosive letters
    40. * It was desired in the Middle East and Northern Ireland, in the year 2000
    42. Baseball ref
    43. What a green light means
    44. * The Russian submarine called the "Kursk" sank into the ___ of the Barents, in the year 2000
    45. Ms. Stark who once dated Prince Andrew
    50. Music term that means "in a slow or leisurely tempo"
    52. Thanks, in Britain
    53. He (Initials) sings "Maggie May"
    54. * Even though he had previously chosen to ___, hockey great Mario Lemieux announced in 2000 that he would return to his favorite sport to be the "best player in the world"
    55. Spooky Story Start: "It was ___ and stormy night..."
    56. Slender, minus the "e"
    57. Famed winery: Martini & ___
    58. Relating to a certain system of exercises that features the "lotus position"
    59. Roman Numerals for 110
    61. "Streets" in Strasbourg
    64. Warmth
    66. * Thorpe who was a swimming star at the 2000 Olympics
    67. Historical period
    69. Nutrient intake letters
    72. Used by the U.S. Army as a code word for a certain gas


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