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  • This week's theme: Astronomy

    1. Shiner of the Solar System
    4. Isinglass
    8. "This is the dawning of the ___ of Aquarius..."
    11. Capital of Italy
    12. Charge Card, commonly
    13. Greek astronomer who proposed a heliocentric theory of the Universe: Aristarchus of ___ (fl. c.310 B.C - c.230 B.C.)
    16. American astronomer who discovered that the Universe is expanding
    18. Newport's locale, on an env.
    19. American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh's discovery in 1930
    20. Genuine
    21. Bird's or Hornet's
    23. The Rolling Stones hit: "Time ___ My Side"
    24. It's seen with "Comet" ...but only every 70 years, or so!
    26. Computer in #53D
    28. Williams' Works: Pl___
    29. Astronomical fireballs
    33. Romantic comedy of 1999: "___ All That"
    36. Turkish Title (var. sp.)
    39. Astronomical occurrence of JANUARY 21ST, 2000 (With #45D and #55D)
    40. It's a cheerleader's prop, when doubled
    41. Australis and Borealis
    43. Bolo or Bow
    44. UFO occupant
    46. Affiliation, for short
    47. Model
    48. The Caloris Basin is located here
    50. Compass direction
    52. Little records
    53. Challenger or Columbia or Discovery, partially
    57. Desert in Asia
    60. Gala Gentry, for short
    62. Skipper and Gilligan lived in ___ on "Gilligan's Island"
    63. Giraffe-like mammal
    65. Partner for Pa
    66. Sir William Herschel first detected it on March 13th, 1781
    68. Hard to penetrate
    69. Shakespeare's Sections
    71. Carmen Laforet novel of 1944
    72. Hamburg's locale, briefly
    73. Actress Campbell
    74. Before, before


    1. Planet Earth Point: The ___ Pole
    2. Shadow of the Earth during #39A
    3. Diffuse masses of interstellar gas and dust
    4. Ms. West
    5. "___ a Man": Chicago hit
    6. Largest and first ever discovered asteroid
    7. The Earth spins on it
    8. Cleopatra's Cobra
    9. He constructed the first astronomical telescope, in 1609
    10. They're flightless in Australia
    11. Blood related acronym
    14. "Logy" prefix
    15. Elvis to Gladys
    17. Dutch portrait painter
    21. U.S. state
    22. "Close Encounters of ___ Third Kind" (1977)
    25. Bible Study!: His brother was Jacob
    27. Lawyers, for short
    29. Red Planet
    30. Director Preminger
    31. Train track part
    32. Rosebud, for one
    33. Junk e-mail
    34. Black ___: Not even light can escape from this intense gravitational field
    35. Middle East chieftain
    37. Dull
    38. Hebrew prophet of 8th cent. B.C.
    41. "And since the Universe must have an extremity and a center, it must clearly have ___ and down." - Aristotle, "On the Heavens"
    42. Korean apricot
    45. See #39A
    47. The atmosphere of Saturn consists of ammonia, helium, hydrogen and ___
    49. Bible type acronym
    51. Celestial body
    53. "2001: A ___ Odyssey" (1968)
    54. Learning locale, for short
    55. See #39A
    56. "Study" in Strasbourg
    57. Jupiter or Neptune, in Roman Mythology
    58. Feed fuel to the fire by adding this ending to "st"
    59. Big ___ Theory: Theory that holds that the Universe was formed by a massive cosmic explosion billions of years ago
    61. David Bowie's supermodel wife
    64. "Funn" finale
    66. Apply
    67. Initials of the husband of Jayne Meadows
    70. Telly


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