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  • This week's theme: Country Music
    More about music


    1. * The ___ Ole Opry House (Legendary country music locale in Nashville, Tennessee)
    6. * Ms. Mandrell, to pals (Talented country star who sings "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to Be Right")
    10. * Award for country stars (Acronym)
    13. * Said amongst Players of a trivia game about Country Music: "Placing ___ front of 'Ridge Boys' will create the name of the group that had a smash hit with the song 'Elvira'."
    14. Beige shade
    15. Eve's domain
    16. * In 1970, original members of ___ were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame
    19. Initials of the star of "The Others" (2001)
    20. One Time connecter
    21. "def" eht sunim ,deyonnA
    22. * Tammy ___ (Honored member of the Country Music Hall of Fame)
    25. * Loretta Lynn started out as a coal miner's daughter, then through hard work and lots of talent, she eventually made it to the what?
    29. * Mr. Jennings (Legendary singer of "Highwayman" with Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson)
    30. * Mr. Wopat (bkwds.)
    31. Period of calm
    32. * Country songs can be heard on AM and ___ radio
    33. * He sings "She's No Lady": Lyle ___
    35. Follow orders
    36. Put in the freezer
    38. Kind of mineral
    39. U-571, for one
    40. Make over
    42. * Country star who sings "It Was Almost Like A Song": Ronnie ___
    44. Interjection of surprise
    46. Ball of yarn
    47. Cathedral City (bkwds.)
    48. * Ms. Yearwood (Winner and Nominee of many #10A Awards!)
    51. * Famous country group
    53. * Ms. Gayle (She sings "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" --and, she is also the little sister of Loretta Lynn!)
    54. Certain Crayon, without the "Cray"
    55. Casper's word
    56. Dialect of Chinese
    57. * Country line-dance favorite
    64. * The Soggy Bottom ___ [Nominees in the 'Single of the Year' category at the 2001 Awards Show for #10As for "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow" --a song from the George Clooney movie, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (2000)]
    65. Bulwer-Lytton heroine
    66. * Mr. Neville (With #48A, he sang the duet "I Fall to Pieces" which appeared on 'Rhythm, Country & Blues', an album which received a nomination for a #10A in the 'Album of the Year' category, in 1994)
    67. Avoid Responsibility, with Out
    68. Ifs. ___. Buts.
    69. * emaF fo llaH cisuM yrtnuoC eht fo rebmem deronoH: ___ eneG


    1. Acquired
    2. Cheerleader's shout
    3. * Q. "Is 'Lucille' ___ Rogers song?" A. "Yes, it is."
    4. * One of the nominees in the 'Vocal Group of the Year' category at the #10A Awards Show of 2001: ___ Creek
    5. Genetic letters
    6. * Kim Carnes had a hit with this country-rock-new-wave-ish song: "___ Davis Eyes"
    7. Q. "Is an ___ symbol in a deck of cards?" A. "Yes."
    8. Engine sound
    9. * He had a hit with "Margaritaville": Jimmy ___
    10. Ending (scrambled up) to this Charlton Heston movie: "El ___" (1961)
    11. * Mr. Tillis (Country star who won the #10A for 'Entertainer of the Year' in 1976)
    12. * Shania Twain hit: "___ Man of Mine"
    15. * Ms. Harris (A member of the country super-group called The Trio --which also included Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt)
    17. What the Rodent Hunter exclaimed: "That ___ longer stands a chance! I'm going to get him!"
    18. Stuff in the Sky
    22. Sports org.
    23. Edible tuber
    24. Lacquered metalware
    25. * Chooses on a ballot who (or what) will be the winner of a #10A
    26. * He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, in 1965: Ernest ___
    27. Bullring cheer
    28. Tissue layer
    30. * Mr. Haggard (This country legend's songs include "The Fugitive" and "Fightin' Side Of Me")
    34. "Behold!" in French
    36. Thought
    37. * #29A and Willie Nelson also collaborated on the hit "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be ___"
    39. Agile
    40. * Record co. that bought Elvis Presley's contract from Sam Phillips at Sun Records (Elvis is one of the honored members of the Country Music Hall of Fame)
    41. Building extension
    42. * Brooks & Dunn had a major hit with this song
    43. * What the Country Fan said: "I was ___ Clark's concert last night. It was fantastic!"
    44. "Gotcha!"
    45. * Mr. David who co-wrote the Willie Nelson-Julio Iglesias smash song "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" with Albert Hammond
    49. * In 1994, John Michael Montgomery won the #10A for 'Single of the Year' for this hit
    50. * Marty ___ (Singer of "Hillbilly Rock")
    52. Priest's vestment
    53. Competitors for Pepsis
    55. * The Nitty Gritty Dirt what?
    57. Alphabet beginning
    58. Dove's sound
    59. Mesmerizing, minus the "notic"
    60. Geological time
    61. * Stuff on the set of "Hee Haw" (TV)
    62. Pathway, without the "te"
    63. Picnic bug (bkwds.)


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