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  • This week's theme: Elvis Presley
    Elvis's Legacy


    1. * Title (for short) of Elvis' manager, Tom Parker
    4. Nonkosher
    8. * JANUARY 8TH, 1935: In a two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi, to Gladys and Vernon Presley, Elvis ___ Presley was born (His twin brother Jesse Garon was stillborn, leaving Elvis to grow up as an only child)
    12. Very much
    14. * Heard back in 1968: "You should have watched Elvis' comeback special last night. Everyone ___ about it!"
    16. Fide completer
    17. Not His, flipped around?
    18. * #20A was ___ concert performance that thrilled millions of Elvis fans around the world
    19. * Music Store comment: "I'm going to ___ record by Elvis to add to my growing collection."
    20. * 'Elvis: Aloha from ___': Mr. Presley's concert special which was broadcast via satellite from the Honolulu International Center Arena on January 14th, 1973
    22. Contact Completer
    24. Foot Warmers, without the "ks"
    25. Mathematics term
    27. * Elvis sang it
    29. * Leiber and Stoller wrote it for Elvis, with "Nova Baby"
    32. * Initials of the British singer who shares the same first name as Mr. Presley
    34. Musical Term that means "Change"
    35. House Siding, minus the "minum"
    36. French Sudan
    38. Some are made of terrycloth
    41. * Elvis Presley, with "The"
    45. Q. "Is the ___ organ?" A. "Yes, it is."
    46. Ruler of Russia
    47. Sit, ___, Sit! (Slogan of a television production company)
    48. * Like a #49D, all shook up?
    50. Garde completer
    51. * Because an agreement was never reached on contractual terms, instead of Elvis Presley, #44D took the male lead opposite Barbra Streisand in this movie of 1976: "___ is Born"
    53. * "Don't ___": Elvis sang it on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (TV)
    56. Before weekend acronym heard in the office
    58. Person of Indo-China
    59. Dutch cheese
    61. * Elvis was inducted into the ___ on March 24th, '58 (He was then stationed in West Germany where he met his future wife, Priscilla Beaulieu. They were married on May 1st, 1967, and had a little baby girl, Lisa Marie, nine months later on February 1st, 1968)
    65. "Butter" in French, without the "Be"
    67. * Memphis ___ Board: It was here where Elvis was assigned the serial number 53310761 (See #61A for a Related Clue)
    69. Libertine
    70. Ancient Times
    71. * AUGUST 16TH, 1977: Elvis was just 42 ___ old when he died at Graceland, his home in Memphis, Tennessee which he bought in 1957 for $102,500
    72. Jamboree
    73. Method, for short
    74. Edible Tubers, flipped around?
    75. Habitation for a wild animal


    1. * Music legend who also was part of #31D: Johnny ___
    2. Spoken, gone ga-ga?
    3. Arthur M. ___ Jr. or Gerry ___ or Marcus ___
    4. * Early rock classic sung by Elvis, with "Mystery"
    5. Mass Meeting, minus the "ly"
    6. * "Adam and ___" (Song from the Elvis movie of 1966 called "Spinout")
    7. * Song made famous by Peggy Lee which Elvis covered
    8. Certain Convent, without the "ey"
    9. * One of Elvis' many movies
    10. * Elvis hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Chart in 1960 with this song, with "Stuck"
    11. Social org.
    13. * Elvis rockumentary about his legendary nightclub act in Las Vegas: "Elvis: ___ the Way It Is" (1970)
    15. Casual material
    21. Type of plant hormone, for short
    23. Reject
    26. * Song sung by Elvis in #53D: "Wooden ___"
    28. Food Tester's comment: "I don't know if I like ___ not."
    29. * Elvis Presley and Shelley Fabares movie of 1967, minus the "Clam"
    30. Type of Tree, with the "Magn" chopped off
    31. * Where Elvis had a contract with Sam Phillips
    33. * Did You Know? Elvis was very ___ to his mother and father, and was also very religious
    36. Initials of one of the actors on "M*A*S*H" (TV)
    37. * Lyrics sung by Elvis (To the thrill of his female fans!): "Wise men say / Only fools rush in / But ___ help / Falling in love with you..."
    39. Italian Island
    40. Musical notation
    42. Wild Ox of Asia
    43. * How Elvis had to say his lines in his movies
    44. * Mr. Kristofferson, without the "is" (See #51A for a Related Clue)
    49. * It was a top hit for Elvis: "(Let Me Be Your) ___ Bear"
    51. Three-toed sloths
    52. Last Namesakes of tennis legend Steffi, flipped around?
    53. * Elvis the Pelvis movie, with "G.I."
    54. * Gordon Lightfoot wrote it. Elvis Presley sang it.: "___ Mornin' Rain"
    55. Guardian spirits of ancient Rome
    57. Brave
    60. Lady's title
    62. * With his extravagant attendance-record-breaking shows at the International Hotel in Las Vegas (which was later renamed the Las Vegas Hilton International Hotel), Elvis didn't have to be on the ___ as he would have been if he was touring
    63. Style of Shoe
    64. Bring forth young sheep
    66. Came into Being, for short
    68. Roman Catholic title


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