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  • This week's theme: Grammar
    Grammer & Spelling


    1. * It's one of a few of the #29A used in Grammar
    5. * Definite and Indefinite
    13. Helm position
    14. * Phrases that function as verbs
    16. Dad's Date
    17. Artery, without the "ta"
    18. * Depending on how it's used, this word can be considered an Adverb, Conjunction, Interjection or even a Pronoun
    19. Stadium where The Beatles played
    20. The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet
    21. Ms. Zadora, and others
    23. Atomic #28
    25. * Class in which Grammar might be taught, for short
    26. * They are formed from the initial letters of multi-word names
    29. * Brackets, Commas, Parenthesis and Periods = Punctuation ___
    31. Remove from office
    32. * Comment outside the Classroom: "___ you do well on your Grammar test, today."
    34. Ornamental braid (var. sp.)
    36. * Study of Speech Sounds
    40. Ghost's word
    41. Faith (abbr.)
    43. Robot play
    44. Electrically charged particle ...but it's backwards?
    45. * Non-vowel
    48. * What the Tutor said to one of her two Students: "And ___ you --you must study up on Grammar more!"
    50. Observation at the Pet Farm: "It's incredible how ___ bunny rabbit can be!"
    51. And Others, for short
    52. Last Name (bkwds.) of the winner of the first "Survivor" (TV)
    55. * Add-Ons to the fronts of words
    58. Curve
    59. Ms. Asner
    61. egdiR ___ :I raW dlroW ni etis elttaB
    62. Abbr. on a Business Card ...but it's backwards?
    64. Qualities of colors
    66. "Pain! Oh, the pain!"
    68. List-ending abbreviation (bkwds.)
    69. Not In (bkwds.)
    70. * Parts of speech
    73. Kitty's cry
    74. * Something in a paragraph
    75. Ms. Ferber


    1. Slightly wet
    2. Hawaiian greeting
    3. * One is used to separate independent clauses
    4. * Certain pronoun
    5. Regalia
    6. Memo word
    7. They're made in the NFL
    8. Heard near the Television: "When is 'Rocky __' __? I thought they were showing it as tonight's movie."
    9. Roman Numerals for 200
    10. City in Nevada, with Vegas
    11. Inhalation anesthetic
    12. Leg Joints ...flipped around?
    14. * Full stop
    15. Droops
    17. * '
    22. * Objective male pronoun (pl. and bkwds.)
    24. * Pertaining to the mood of the verb used in commands and requests
    27. Herb of Grace
    28. * Abbreviations are the ___ forms of words
    30. At the age of, for short
    33. "One" in Italian (bkwds.)
    34. * Alphabet sequence
    35. Yucky stuff
    36. Fun place for a baby, without the "en"
    37. * Like a word that has changed in form to indicate a change in its grammatical function
    38. Dove's sound
    39. Title for Elton John
    42. Deeply Moved, without the "aptured"
    46. Beast of Burden ...but it's backwards?
    47. Not one
    49. Instrument in a band, for short
    51. Gains, minus the "Ben"
    52. Sound made by the crowd at a comedy club
    53. Muck (pl.)
    54. Release ...but in a flipped around way?
    56. Host of a formal occasion
    57. * Persons, Places or Things (bkwds.)
    60. Shower with love
    63. Midwestern state
    65. Monetary unit of Japan
    67. Come in first
    71. Hartford's locale on an env.
    72. TV show Taper, without the "R"
    73. * Certain pronoun


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