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  • This week's theme: The Boston Marathon

    1. * APRIL 17TH, 2000 - The Boston Marathon! What all participants must do before the big day
    6. * Ms. Pippig (of Germany) has won the Boston Marathon three times and her best time was in 1994 when she finished at 2:21:45 (Her time is also the Women's course Record of the Boston Marathon)
    9. * He has won the Boston Marathon three times and his best finishing time was 2:07:15 in 1994 (His time is also the course Record of the Boston Marathon): Cosmas ___
    14. * Ms. Ruiz is the infamous Boston Marathon runner who allegedly caught a subway, then jumped back into the race to (presumably) be victorious in 1980
    15. Donaldson or Walton
    16. Greased
    17. Mr. Baba
    18. Stinging insect
    20. A school's film and sound dept.
    21. * Nicknamed section of #5D that the athletes must endure
    27. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles song: "___ Baby Baby"
    28. Mate for Ma
    29. Obi, for one
    31. * Every Boston Marathon participant must wear one
    35. "Concept" in Cannes
    36. Floor covering
    37. Info on a Résumé
    38. Those born under the fifth sign of the Zodiac
    40. State for Des Moines, for short
    41. She (Initials) wrote "Wuthering Heights" (1847)
    43. Actress Remick
    45. Medical pro
    46. He (Initials) is a top Las Vegas entertainer
    47. Cable news network
    49. Folklore Fairy
    51. Line of Work, slangily
    52. Make changes to a written work
    54. * The gun goes off ...and the athletes start the Boston Marathon, here!
    58. Scorch the Surface
    59. In the area of
    60. Actress ___ Dawn Chong
    61. * UTOPIA! The Finish Line of the Boston Marathon is located here!
    69. Italian avant-garde playwright: Dario ___
    70. Himalayan Humanoid
    71. Self-Defense Exercises: ___ Chi
    72. * What participants of the Boston Marathon are encouraged to consume throughout the entire course of the race
    75. * There are 26 of these situated along the Boston Marathon's course: American ___ Cross First Aid Stations
    76. * Goal of Boston Marathon participants: To ___ the Finish Line!
    78. * Legendary Boston Marathon runner who won the race in 1935 and 1945 (He also started a record 61 races and finished 58 of them): Johnny "The ___" Kelley
    79. Beast of Burden
    80. * Many Boston Marathon champions hail from this country, such as #9A


    1. Make-a-Metaphysical-Poet! Thomas ___erne (b.1637 - d.1674)
    2. Persona in a Play
    3. Largest continent
    4. Certain "Rocky" sequel
    5. * This town comes after Wellesley on the Boston Marathon course
    6. Part of a Beach Boy sounding Beatles song title
    7. Word with Recording
    8. Melissa Etheridge song: "Yes I ___"
    9. Patriarch of the Ark
    10. * The Boston Marathon: Open, Masters, Veterans, Seniors or Wheelchair, for example
    11. Word with Paso
    12. New Zealand's operatic soprano: Dame Kiri ___ Kanawa
    13. Suffix to "Chlor" or "Cyan"
    19. Approximately
    22. Sell Short
    23. Imitate
    24. Lagerfeld of Fashion
    25. Fellas
    26. Type of Car: Buick Regal ___
    30. * Mr. Frei's (of Switzerland) best finishing time was 1:21:23 in 1994, and that is the record among the Boston Marathon's wheelchair competitors
    31. Barnyard Bleat
    32. Certain pronoun
    33. Actor Gibson
    34. High-pitched signal
    36. * The Boston Marathon is 26.2 of these long
    39. George Clooney's former TV gig
    41. * For Example: To participate in the Boston Marathon, residents of the States and Canada must pay $75, and residents of all other countries must pay $100
    42. Mr. King
    44. Wapiti
    46. * Some Boston Marathon competitors just want to finish, while others want to finish ...and do this
    47. International greeting
    48. Does a certain rhythmic ballroom dance: Cha-___
    50. * Boston Marathon's top finishing position
    51. Ms. Derek
    53. Young socialite, informally
    55. He was an Outfielder for the New York Giants: Mel ___
    56. * Boston Marathon racers pass by Lake Cochituate in this scenic town
    57. Dutch portrait painter: Gerard ___ Borch (b.1617 - d.1681)
    62. It'll turn "ies" into motor trucks in Britain
    63. Court Cry
    64. Beatty and Rorem
    65. College in England
    66. Not difficult
    67. European river rising in the Carpathian Mountains (var. sp.)
    68. She Sheep
    73. Actor Pacino
    74. Football acronym
    75. Ancient Hawk-Headed God
    77. Word seen on a Memo


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