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  • This week's theme: The Titanic

    * Shipbuilding firm (Chaired by Lord William Pirrie) of Belfast, Ireland that constructed the Titanic according to the blueprints of Senior Draftsman Thomas Andrews: Harland and ___
    * Posh feature aboard the Titanic: Turkish ___
    10 Roman Goddess of Plenty
    13 Susan Sarandon's character in "Anywhere But Here" (1999)
    14 * There weren't enough of these on that fateful night of April 14-15, 1912
    17 * Many of the Titanic's victims were laid to rest in three cemeteries in what the press dubbed the 'City of Sorrows' as bodies from the icy Atlantic were brought here during the grim task of recovery: Halifax, ___ Scotia
    18 Case for Seeds
    19 Roman Numerals
    20 * "Titanic" (1997) film making locale
    21 * Focal point of First Class activity aboard the Titanic
    25 * Ship Signal
    26 Gloria Steinem's magazine
    27 * Titanic's steering device
    29 It'll turn "lence" into wealth
    32 * The RMS (Royal Mail Steamship) Titanic was a ship in the White ___ Line (NOTE: Bruce Ismay was the Director of the line)
    35 Word with Francisco
    36 When doubled, it's Mork's phrase
    38 * To be in First Class, it cost $4,350 a ticket to get a Parlor ___ (NOTE: It would cost $50,000 a ticket today)
    41 Certain central European country, for short
    43 * At 12:45 AM on April 15, 1912... the Leyland liner 'Californian' ignored these (NOTE: Help came by way of the Cunard liner 'Carpathia', though, which responded to a wireless plea made by the Titanic which said "Come at once. We have struck an iceberg.")
    47 Geller the Spoon Bender
    48 * Restaurant for Titanic's First Class diners: À La ___ Restaurant
    49 Sea eagle (var. sp.)
    50 Certain pro athlete org.
    52 River that flows through France and Belgium
    55 Articulate
    56 Fitted garment part
    58 City in the U.S.A.
    60 Li'l doggie
    62 * The Marconi, for example (Used aboard the Titanic by Operators John Phillips and his assistant Harold Bride)
    69 Vladimir Putin used to spy for it, for short
    70 This actor (Initials) is famous for a quip about a streaker who once ran across the stage at The Oscars
    71 Abu Dhabi is the capital here, briefly
    72 Cartoon light bulb
    73 * On September 1st, 1985 the Titanic's wreck was found by a team led by American marine geologist Robert Ballard 2 1/2 miles down the dark depths of the icy Atlantic. Since then, ___ have brought to the surface thousands of artifacts including love letters, glasses, serving plates and a statuette of a cherub.
    76 * Captain who planned on retiring after the maiden voyage of the Titanic (from Southampton, England to New York City), but instead went down with the ship
    77 Wedding announcement Word
    78 * Common Titanic artifact
    79 * This actress (Last Name) played the true life character of Molly Brown in "Titanic" (1997)


    New Wave band: ___ Chung
    Unit of currency in Bulgaria
    Yummy desserts
    Santa follower
    Ballpoint Blob
    Verdi opera
    Flankers of '.G.I.'
    * John Jacob Astor and Benjamin Guggenheim, for example
    10 He (Initials) sang for Black Sabbath
    11 * Thomas Andrews, John Jacob Astor, Molly Brown, Benjamin Guggenheim, Bruce Ismay and William Stead, for example
    12 * Titanic material
    15 Pen Name?
    16 Road, for short
    18 "Hey, there!"
    22 Common computer acronym
    23 The Beatles song: "___ a Loser"
    24 "Gotcha!"
    28 * He was the Wreck Commissioner who led the British Board of Trade inquiry into what caused the Titanic to sink. The inquiry came up with safety recommendations such as having better watertight compartment schemes on ships: Lord ___ (Also known as Charles Bigham)
    29 * In 1913 in London, as a result of the disaster, an International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea was called and rules were set such as having a wireless operator ___ at all hours so any future crew on endangered ships would not have their calls for help go unanswered
    30 Partner off
    31 * Titanic's ironic label
    33 Acronym associated with Moldova
    34 * It describes Titanic's current condition
    35 Dry wine
    37 Salt Lake City's locale on an env.
    39 Wraths
    40 Gift tag word
    42 Sicilian volcano
    44 Certain record label
    45 Catalogue abbr.
    46 It'll turn "rmit" into a Muppet character
    51 * Piece of furniture in a Titanic cabin
    53 Fencing sword
    54 * Item in a Titanic cabin
    57 Musical instrument
    58 Yearns
    59 In the location of
    61 Word with Ballerina
    63 * As the Titanic sank, she chose to stay by the side of her husband, Isidor Straus
    64 Currency used by Finland, Ireland, Spain ...and others
    65 Emit coherent light
    66 Mine entrance
    67 Seeger of Songs
    68 Expressions of surprise
    69 Academy Award winning actor (Initials) for "American Beauty" (1999)
    74 May 9th, 1945: ___ Day
    75 Interjection for The McKenzie Brothers
    76 He (Initials) and Cher sang "I Got You Babe"


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