Animated Math Videos: Number Sense and Patterns

FactMonster is pleased to present these animated math videos about number sense and patterns by Pearson. In each video children will learn along side with these characters about different number sense and patterns topics. FactMonster is dedicated to helping young students with their math skills and hope these videos are a great help for the classroom and at home.

 Even and Odd Numbers

 Compare Numbers Using Numerals to 10

 Equivalent Fractions: Use the Number Line

 Find Common Denominators

 Convert Customary Units of Weight

 Solve Word Problems Using Measurement Conversions

 Order of Operations

 Convert Customary Units of Capacity

 Solve Word Problems Involving Money

 The Distributive Property

 Bar Graphs

 Centimeters and Meters

 Estimating Length

 Math Practices & Problem Solving: Reasoning

 The Distributive Property

 Math Practices & Problem Solving: Reasoning

Make Bar Graphs 

 Number Line: Fractions Less Than 1

 Round Whole Numbers

 Compare Decimals

 Count 4 and 5 (Grade K)

 Compare Groups to 10 (Grade K)

 Read and Write 0 (Grade K)

 Count 6 and 7 (Grade K)

 Compare by Capacity (Grade K)

 Compare by Weight (Grade K)

 Count Forward from Any Number to 100 (Grade K)

 Identify the Number 0

 Organize Data into Three Categories

 Count by 10s to 120

 Regroup 1 Ten for 10 Ones

 Tell and Write Time to the Half Hour

 Compare Numbers with Symbols (>, <, =)

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