Meaning of fascia


Pronunciation: (fash'ē-u for 1, 3–5 fā'shu for 2), [key]
— pl. fas•ci•ae fas•cias
  1. a band or fillet, as for binding the hair.
  2. Also calledfacia.
    1. any relatively broad, flat, horizontal surface, as the outer edge of a cornice, a stringcourse, etc.
    2. any of a number of horizontal bands, usually three in number, each projecting beyond the one below to form the architrave in the Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite orders.
    1. a band or sheath of connective tissue investing, supporting, or binding together internal organs or parts of the body.
    2. tissue of this kind.
  3. a distinctly marked band of color.
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