Dynasties of Ancient Egypt

Dynasties of Ancient Egypt
Old Kingdom (or Old Empire)
DynastyYearsFamous Rulers
I3110–2884 B.C.Menes
II2884–2780 B.C. 
III2780–2680 B.C.Snefru
IV2680–2565 B.C.Khufu (Cheops), Khafre, Menkaure. Age of the great pyramids.
V2565–2420 B.C. 
VI2420–2258 B.C.Pepi I, Pepi II
First Intermediate Period
VII, VIII2258–2225 B.C.An obscure period.
IX, X2225–2134 B.C.Capital at Heracleopolis.
XI2134–c.2000 B.C.Capital at Thebes.
Middle Kingdom (or Middle Empire)
XII2000–1786 B.C.Amenemhet I, Sesostris I, Amenemhet II, Sesostris II, Sesostris III, Amenemhet III, Amenemhet IV
Second Intermediate Period
XIII–XVII1786–1570 B.C.The Hyksos. An obscure period.
New Kingdom (or New Empire)
XVIII1570–c.1342 B.C.Amenhotep I, Thutmose I, Hatshepsut (with Thutmose II initially), Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, Thutmose IV, Amenhotep III, Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton), Tutankhamen
XIXc.1342–1200 B.C.Horemheb, Ramses I, Seti I, Ramses II, Merneptah, Seti II
XX1200–1085 B.C.Ramses III with Tiy. New Kingdom declines.
XXI1085–945 B.C.Tanite dynasty (capital at Tanis).
XXII945–745 B.C.Sheshonk I. Libyan dynasty (capital at Bubastis).
XXIII745–718 B.C.Nubian dynasty with invasion of Piankhi (capital at Bubastis).
XXIV718–712 B.C.Saïte dynasty (capital at Saïs).
XXV712–663 B.C.Taharka. Assyrian invasions begin foreign domination.
XXVI663–525 B.C.Psamtik, Necho, Apries, Amasis II (capital at Saïs).
XXVII525–405 B.C.The Achaemenids of Persia in control. Cambyses II to Darius II. Egypt revolts.
XXVIII–XXX405–332 B.C.Nekhtnebf, Nekhtharheb. Last native dynasties, ending with conquest by Alexander the Great. Capital at Saïs, then at Mendes, then at Sebennytos.

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