Hasdrubal, d. 207 BC, Carthaginian general; son of Hamilcar Barca. During the Second Punic War (see Punic Wars), his brother Hannibal, on leaving for Italy, made Hasdrubal commander in Spain. Hasdrubal conducted a long campaign against the Romans, led by Publius and Cnaeus Scipio, who prevented him from joining Hannibal at a critical moment in 216 BC Both Scipios fell in battle in 211 BC, but in 209 BC Scipio Africanus Major took Cartagena. Hasdrubal eluded him by crossing the Pyrenees at their western extremity and, after crossing the Alps, arrived in central Italy. On the Metaurus (Metauro) River he met (207 BC) the army of Caius Claudius Nero. Hasdrubal died in the battle. His defeat is considered decisive in the war, for it prevented Hannibal from receiving Carthaginian aid.

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