Middle Ages: Bibliography

There is a vast body of scholarship dealing with the Middle Ages. A general bibliography to provide a helpful introduction to aspects of the period should include works by Henry Adams , Marc Bloch , P. Brown, J. B. Bury , N. F. Cantor, G. Duby, F. L. Ganshof, P. J. Geary, H. Grundmann, C. H. Haskins , Johan Huizinga , E. James, F. Lot, S. Painter, Henri Pirenne , E. Power, F. M. Powicke, R. W. Southern, F. M. Stenton, J. R. Strayer, G. Tellenbach, and Lynn Thorndike . See also bibliographies under such related articles as countries, e.g., France , Germany , and peoples, e.g., Anglo-Saxons , Moors .

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