Rulers of England and Great Britain

Rulers of England and Great Britain(including dates of reign)
Saxons and Danes
Egbert, 802–39
Æthelwulf, son of Egbert, 839–58
Æthelbald, son of Æthelwulf, 858–60
Æthelbert, 2d son of Æthelwulf, 860–65
Æthelred, 3d son of Æthelwulf, 865–71
Alfred, 4th son of Æthelwulf, 871–99
Edward (the Elder), son of Alfred, 899–924
Athelstan, son of Edward, 924–39
Edmund, 3d son of Edward, 939–46
Edred, 4th son of Edward, 946–55
Edwy, son of Edmund, 955–59
Edgar, younger son of Edmund, 959–75
Edward (the Martyr), son of Edgar, 975–78
Æthelred (the Unready), younger son of Edgar, 978–1016
Edmund (Ironside), son of Æthelred, 1016
Canute, by conquest, 1016–35
Harold I (Harefoot), illegitimate son of Canute, 1037–40
Harthacanute, son of Canute, 1040–42
Edward (the Confessor), younger son of Æthelred, 1042–66
Harold II, brother-in-law of Edward the Confessor, 1066
House of Normandy
William I (the Conqueror), by conquest, 1066–87
William II (Rufus), 3d son of William I, 1087–1100
Henry I, youngest son of William I, 1100–1135
House of Blois
Stephen, grandson of William I, 1135–54
House of Plantagenet
Henry II, grandson of Henry I, 1154–89
Richard I (Cœur de Lion), 3d son of Henry II, 1189–99
John, youngest son of Henry II, 1199–1216
Henry III, son of John, 1216–72
Edward I, son of Henry III, 1272–1307
Edward II, son of Edward I, 1307–27
Edward III, son of Edward II, 1327–77
Richard II, grandson of Edward III, 1377–99
House of Lancaster
Henry IV, grandson of Edward III, 1399–1413
Henry V, son of Henry IV, 1413–22
Henry VI, son of Henry V, 1422–61, 1470–71
House of York
Edward IV, great-grandson of Edward III, 1461–70, 1471–83
Edward V, son of Edward IV, 1483
Richard III, brother of Edward IV, 1483–85
House of Tudor
Henry VII, descendant of Edward III, 1485–1509
Henry VIII, son of Henry VII, 1509–47
Edward VI, son of Henry VIII, 1547–53
Mary I, daughter of Henry VIII, 1553–58
Elizabeth I, younger daughter of Henry VIII, 1558–1603
House of Stuart
James I (James VI of Scotland), descendant of Henry VII, 1603–25
Charles I, son of James I, 1625–49
Commonwealth and Protectorate
Council of State, 1649–53
Oliver Cromwell, lord protector, 1653–58
Richard Cromwell, lord protector, 1658–59
House of Stuart(restored)
Charles II, son of Charles I, 1660–85
James II, younger son of Charles I, 1685–88
William III, grandson of Charles I ruled jointly with Mary II, 1689–94 ruled alone, 1694–1702
Mary II, daughter of James II ruled jointly with William III, 1689–94
Anne, younger daughter of James II, 1702–14
House of Hanover
George I, great-grandson of James I, 1714–27
George II, son of George I, 1727–60
George III, grandson of George II, 1760–1820
George IV, son of George III, 1820–30
William IV, 3d son of George III, 1830–37
Victoria, granddaughter of George III, 1837–1901
House of Saxe Coburg
Edward VII, son of Victoria, 1901–10
House of Windsor(family name changed during World War I)
George V, son of Edward VII, 1910–36
Edward VIII, son of George V, 1936
George VI, 2d son of George V, 1936–52
Elizabeth II, daughter of George VI, 1952–

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