Verne Troyer

Date Of Birth:
1 January 1969
Date Of Death:
21 April 2018
Best Known As:
'Mini-Me' in the Austin Powers movies
Verne Troyer is the 2'8" tall actor who became a star after playing Mini-Me, the tiny alter-ego to Doctor Evil in the comedy features Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) and Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002). The movies were written by and starred comedian Mike Myers, who played both heroic spy Austin Powers and addled supervillain Dr. Evil. Mini-Me was the lookalike, dress-alike clone for Dr. Evil, except for being "one-eighth his size." Verne Troyer was born in Michigan, and his short stature was the result of a rare genetic disorder called Cartilage–hair hypoplasia (CHH). Troyer graduated from Centreville (MI) High School in 1987, and his Hollywood career began somewhat by chance in 1994, when he was hired as a stunt double for the nine-month-old character Baby Bink in the film Baby's Day Out. That led to other stunt and acting parts before landing his role as Mini-Me. The role made Troyer a minor celebrity. He appeared often at movie premieres and public events, and made a popular 2003 commercial for Apple computers with 7'6" basketball star Yao Ming. Over time he had other small roles: he played the goblin Griphook in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001, with Daniel Radcliffe), Coach Punch Cherkov in The Love Guru (2008, also starring Mike Myers) and Percy in the fantastical feature The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009, directed by Terry Gilliam). At his death his last film was still in post-production: he played Emperor Beezel-Chugg in the comedy sci-fi film Hipsters, Gangsters, Aliens and Geeks.
Extra Credit

Verne Troyer did not appear in the original 1997 Austin Powers film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery… Legendary short actor Billy Barty also had Cartilage–hair hypoplasia… Verne Troyer had two regular-sized siblings… Although Verne Troyer’s cause of death was not announced by his family, a posting on his Facebook page said: “Verne was also a fighter when it came to his own battles. Over the years he’s struggled and won, struggled and won, struggled and fought some more, but unfortunately this time was too much… Depression and suicide are very serious issues. You never know what kind of battle someone is going through inside. Be kind to one another. And always know, it’s never too late to reach out to someone for help.” The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office ruled in October 2018 that Troyer “was found to have died from sequelae of alcohol intoxication” and that “the manner of death was certified as a suicide.”

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