Infoplease - This Day in History Events from This Day in History from the Editors of Infoplease en-us Copyright 2017 Sandbox Networks Mon, 24 Apr 2017 04:00:00 UTC Infoplease - This Day in History 113 20 <![CDATA[April 24, 1800: <a href="/ce6/ent/A0829685.html">Library of Congress</a> was established.]]> <![CDATA[April 24, 1898: <a href="/ipa/A0107987.html">Spain</a> declared war on the <a href="/ipa/A0108121.html">U.S.</a>.]]> <![CDATA[April 24, 1915: Turks began deportation of <a href="/ipa/A0107292.html">Armenians</a> that led to the massacre of between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians.]]> <![CDATA[April 24, 1916: The Easter Rebellion begins in Dublin, <a href="/ipa/A0107648.html">Ireland</a>. Although unsuccessful, the uprising was an important symbolic event leading to the establishment of the Republic of Ireland.]]> <![CDATA[April 24, 1953: <a href="/ce6/people/A0812197.html">Winston Churchill</a> was knighted by <a href="/ce6/people/A0817112.html">Queen Elizabeth II</a>.]]> <![CDATA[April 24, 1990: The shuttle <i>Discovery</i> blasted off with the <a href="/ce6/sci/A0824422.html">Hubble Space Telescope.</a>]]> More events from This Day in History: April 24