What are stem cells?

What are stem cells?

Stem cells, the basic building blocks of human development, are sometimes called “magic seeds.” That’s because they can regenerate human tissue of various kinds. The use of stem cells is controversial because the best source for the cells is human embryos. Stem cells form four to five days after an egg is fertilized. These embryos must be destroyed to harvest the cells, and those opposing the research consider this the same as taking human life. Those who support stem cell research say that an embryo that is just a few days old is simply a miniscule cluster of cells and not the same as a human life. They maintain that stem cells have the potential to save human lives. Stem cells show promise in being able to one day be able to treat and cure many illnesses and diseases, such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, Parkinson's, spinal cord injuries and other medical conditions.

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