Q&A about the Body

Why we sneeze, snore, yawn, burp, bruise, and other fascinating medical questions

Why do we sneeze?

What happens when my foot falls asleep?

Why does my nose run?

Why do we shiver?

Why does a bruise turn colors?

Why do our temperatures rise when we are sick?

How does a scab form?

How do bones grow?

Where does ear wax come from?

What causes a burp?

Is a healthy person's temperature always 98.6ºF?

Are “low-carb diets” good for kids?

Why do some people have “innies” and some have “outies”?

When I get a sore throat why does the doctor stick that wood thing down my throat?

Why do we get body odor?

Why do we blink?

How do we get sick?

Why are people allergic to things?

Why do different bacteria give us different sicknesses?

Why are our mouths dry in the morning?

Why do we itch?

Why do people sleep?

When we cry, why do we have tears?

Why do we throw up?

Why do people snore?

Why do some people have freckles?

Why do some people get sunburns and some people tan?

Do we really need breakfast?

What is the flu and why do I need a flu shot every year?

How does hair grow?

What’s a pulled muscle?

How do I get diabetes?

Do those yucky cold medicines really work?

Why do men go bald?

What is athlete’s foot?

Stethoscope and Clipboard

Fact Monster asked pediatrician Dr. Brian Orr to answer some questions kids commonly ask about their bodies. Dr. Orr, whose office is in Gloucester, Massachusetts, has practiced medicine for more than 22 years. A father of three kids, ages 16, 13 and 8, Dr. Orr is also a writer and columnist.