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Cities in Black History

Atlanta to Washington, DC: landmarks in African-American history by David Johnson Chicago, Illinois at night Related Links Black History FeaturesBlack History TimelineAfrican American Hi…

Timeline: Key Moments in Black History

A chronology of black history from the early slave trade through Affirmative Action by Borgna Brunner 1600s • 1700s • 1800–1850 • 1850–1900 • 1900–1950 • 1950–present …

Black Elk

Oglala Lakota holy manBorn: 1863Birthplace: Little Powder River, Wyoming Black Elk's life encompassed the U.S.-Sioux wars, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee Cr…

Black Athletes

  Other Notable African-American Athletes       Browse more African-American biographies by category: A-Z List Govern…
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