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Parker, Charlie Bird

(Encyclopedia) Parker, Charlie Bird (Charles Christopher Parker, Jr.), 1920–55, American musician and composer, b. Kansas City, Kans. He began playing alto saxophone in 1933 and, shifting from one...


(Encyclopedia) bird, warm-blooded, egg-laying, vertebrate animal having its body covered with feathers and its forelimbs modified into wings , which are used by most birds for flight. Bird...

Chaplin, Charlie

(Encyclopedia) Chaplin, Charlie (Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin), 1889–1977, English film actor, director, producer, writer, and composer, b. London. Chaplin began on the music-hall stage and then joined a pan...

Christian, Charlie

(Encyclopedia) Christian, Charlie (Charles Henry Christian), 1916–42, African-American jazz guitarist, b. Bonham, Tex. The son of a singer-guitarist father and pianist mother, he grew up in Oklahoma City, w...

Parker Dam

(Encyclopedia) Parker Dam, at the Ariz.–Calif. line, on the Colorado River; completed 1938. It is 320 ft (98 m) high and 856 ft (261 m) long. The dam impounds water for Los Angeles and other coastal cities,...

surf bird

(Encyclopedia) surf bird: see shore bird .

game birds

(Encyclopedia) game birds, a term used variously for all birds of the order Galliformes (gallinaceous, or chickenlike, birds), for certain quarry species within this order, and for a variety of quarry birds o...

love bird

(Encyclopedia) love bird: see parrot .

rice bird

(Encyclopedia) rice bird: see bobolink .

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