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(Encyclopedia) İstanbul ĭs˝tănbo͞ol´, ĭstan´bo͞ol [key], city (1990 pop. 6,748,435), capital of İstanbul prov., NW Turkey, on both sides of the Bosporus at its entrance into the Sea of Marmara. Its...


(Encyclopedia) Hasköy: see İstanbul .


(Encyclopedia) Stambul: see İstanbul , Turkey.


(Encyclopedia) Seraglio: see İstanbul , Turkey.


(Encyclopedia) Galata: see İstanbul .


(Encyclopedia) Phanar or Fanar both: făn´ər, fənär´ [key], Greek quarter of Constantinople (now İstanbul ). Under the Ottoman Empire, Phanar was the residence of the privileged Greek fami...


(Encyclopedia) Üsküdar üskü´där [key] or Scutari sko͞o´tərē [key], urban district, part of İstanbul, Turkey, on the Asian side of the Bosporus. It is a commercial and industrial center. Kn...

Bosporus, University of the

(Encyclopedia) Bosporus, University of the, at İstanbul, Turkey; opened 1863 as Robert College, with funds contributed by Christopher R. Robert and other Americans for the higher education of Turkish men. It...

Syme, Sir Ronald

(Encyclopedia) Syme, Sir Ronald, 1903–89, British historian. After studying and teaching at Oxford, he served the British government in Belgrade and Ankara during World War II and taught (1942–45) at İst...

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