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(Encyclopedia)fish, limbless aquatic vertebrate animal with fins and internal gills. Traditionally the living fish have been divided into three class: the primitive jawless fishes, or Agnatha; the cartilaginous (sh...


(Encyclopedia)Fish, family long prominent in New York politics. Nicholas Fish, 1758–1833, b. New York City. He studied law before serving ably as a major in a New York regiment throughout the American Revolution....

flying fish

(Encyclopedia)flying fish, common name for members of the Exocoetidae, a family of carnivorous or herbivorous fish of warmer seas. Flying fishes usually swim in schools. They average 7 to 12 in. (17.5–30 cm) in l...

labyrinth fish

(Encyclopedia)labyrinth fish: see betta; climbing perch; gourami; paradise fish.

surf fish

(Encyclopedia)surf fish: see surfperch.

butterfly fish

(Encyclopedia)butterfly fish, common name for certain members of the Chaetodontidae, a family of reef-dwelling tropical fishes with compressed bodies and small mouths and teeth. Butterfly fish are carnivorous, feed...

Fish, Hamilton

(Encyclopedia)Fish, Hamilton, 1808–93, American statesman, b. New York City, grad. Columbia, 1827; son of Nicholas Fish (1758–1833). He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1830. Named for his father's fr...

Fish, Hamilton

(Encyclopedia)Fish, Hamilton, 1849–1936: see Fish, family.

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